Go Back Home, Peter Frampton!!

These lame Limey pinko millionaires flee to America to evade socialist Britain’s confiscatory taxes–then they campaign to convert the U.S to socialism! If “you–you-YOU–feel Like I do!” Then let’s “show him the way”–back across the big water, where he can hob-knob with his fellow Fabians.
And by the way: Joe Perry’s burning riffs stomp your lame strumming ANYDAY, Frampton!
Check it out here

5 thoughts on “Go Back Home, Peter Frampton!!”

  1. Actually, I wish EVERYONE would stop stealing signs and defacing signs.
    What I’m really wondering is, why did Peter Frampton move to Cincinnati?
    I mean, if I were to move to England, Slough wouldn’t be my first choice…

  2. Ummm, am I the only cultural traditionalist out there who thinks that ANY form of rock music, or any form of country from Jimmie Rodgers (not the guy who did the song “Honeycomb”, I mean as in “The Singing Brakeman”, and yes, I’m serious!) onward does NOT fit in with a true traditionalist (what most of you folks would call “conservative”) worldview, regardless of the political viewpoint of the “artist” that may be a performer in one or the other of those genres?

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