If we vote for Obama will you stop calling “racist”?

No. Sorry. Can’t do it Sally.

Even if you vote for Obama, you’re still probably a racist, according to Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, in his remarks at a recent panel discussion at my alma mater. Ogletree, Obama’s top advisor on race issues, explains that since Obama is “biracial,” his election won’t prove that racism has receded. White America won’t vote for blacks, Ogletree argues, and Obama’s election is possible only because he’s partly white. The ABA Journal predicts that Ogletree, who has long advocated race-based reparations, will be the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Civil Rights Division during the Obama administration.

1 thought on “If we vote for Obama will you stop calling “racist”?”

  1. Gee, I wonder if anybody’s asking for reparations from the descendants of blacks in Africa who sold other blacks as slaves to white slave traders.

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