I spoke on the phone today with a friend, Juan Amador Rodriguez. Some of you may know the name. He’s a guy about my age that came from Cuba in the 1990s. He participated in the famous Maleconazo of 1994. He was also a political prisoner in Cuba. He often appears on Radio Mambi and when he does, he invites Alberto de la Cruz and I to come along and give the Cuban-American perspective. Juan Amador has a way with words. It’s a shame he doesn’t speak much English because he’s very articulate.
Anyway, today we were talking about the election and he said to me:

Henry, Barack Obama is the son of a black man and a white woman who was born during a time of incredible discrimination. He was raised mainly by his grandparents and despite their modest lifestyle he was afforded the opportunity to attend the best universities. He became a lawyer and a politician and now is a step away from being president. He’s a testament to the greatness of this country. So why does he want to change it so badly? I just want my daughter to have the same chance he did. Nothing more, nothing less. Why does he want to change that?

3 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. Because he wants to impose his religion, Communism, upon us. Just like che. Muslims and Branch Dividians aren’t the only religious fanatics. Communism is a religion. Religion is not about reality its about faith. Therefore in the minds of the fanatics, no country, no matter how free or prosperious will ever be good enough until it is completely Muslim/Christian/Communist.

  2. What a great quote.
    I think we should all memorize it.
    This is indeed a great country that has given him every opportunity. That fact alone totally begs the question – “Why does he want to change that?”

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