Cuban Digest: All Embargo All the Time

As we all know the yearly ritual of the UN vote against the embargo ended in the same result. This year, though, Perez Roque was particularly impassioned as he waxed eloquent, pointing out that the embargo is older than Obama. Also older than Obama is the oppression of the Cuban people by the Cuban Capos not mentioned by the same Perez Roque nor condemned by the UN. But that’s nothing new.
Today’s headlines, however, present an interesting proposition. Not content with the UN results, the “Latin American Leaders” at the IberoAmerican Summit in San Salvador on Friday also urged the repeal of the embargo because it hurts the Cuban people. Frankly, their concern for the wellbeing of the Cuban people has been less inspiring than conspiring.
On the very same page is a story about the Cuban regime owing Sherritt $393 million. Prospect of repayment looks shaky, although the debt will be “restructured.” Sure is a lot of that restructuring going around. Sherritt is a familiar name here. As the story indicates in something of an understatement, Sherritt International is one of the “pioneers of foreign investment” in the country. Recently, they were in the headlines when they pulled out of a deal to develop Cuba’s purportedly boundless offshore oil deposits.
Connect the dots. As at least one presidential candidate knows, it sure is easy to give away other people’s money.

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  1. The real question is this – will Sherritt take the “HIT” – or will the Canadian Taxpayer? PM Harper, what say ye? -S-

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