Obama: Do as I say, not as I do

Yesterday the London Times published a story about Barack Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, who lives in a rundown housing project in Boston. Aunt Zeituni is not an unknown Kenyan relative Obama just found out about, but instead an aunt he recalled with fondness and affection in his book, Dreams from my Father. Strangely enough, for a man who purports to care so deeply for his Kenyan family and roots, it is surprising to find out that Aunt Zeituni lives in a derelict housing project when she has a famous and influential nephew of considerable wealth.
Now most of us have relatives that are either better off or worse off than ourselves, and outside of a family emergency, few of us expect either to be subsidized by those relatives with more resources, or to have to support those who have less. With that said, I respect whatever the reason Obama may have for not wanting to “share his wealth” with his poor Aunt Zeituni. But where I do have a problem is that Obama wants me, and the rest of the country, to share our wealth with Aunt Zeituni, and the many others like her who find themselves in similar or worse situations. If Obama did not feel a pressing need to send his Aunt money, why should the rest of the nation be forced to do so?
This is not a question of whether this country should help those in need, but more of a question of who decides who gets the help and who is going to provide it. Obama had an opportunity to put his philosophy of “spreading the wealth” into practice with his own Aunt, yet he chose not to do so. However, he has no issue with forcing the entire nation to spread their wealth.
For his own personal reasons, Obama did not feel compelled to extend financial help to his own relative, and I will not judge him for that decision. It is his money, his wealth, and he is free to disburse it as he chooses. I will judge him, however, for his decision to pursue a tax law that will compel the citizens of this nation to share their wealth. Obama had a choice, but he is not willing to give Americans the same choice.
A real leader, an effective leader, an honest leader, leads by example. Obama should consider giving Americans the option to follow his own personal example.