14 thoughts on “Obamaman Can”

  1. My heart is heavy today. My mom who left Cuba 49 years ago woke up crying this morning. She can’t believe the American people are about to elect this leftist, liberal, commie-loving a/k/a socialist wannabe into the highest office of this great land.

  2. Tell your mom not to worry, this communist can’t take our guns away like they did in Cuba. Just let them try it.

  3. Honestly I think this lady is pathetic. I don’t know about you guys, but I think anyone wanting a hand out or someone actually wanting welfare is pathetic.

  4. She’s pathetic, deaf, dumb and blind. I’d swear these people are under some kind of spell. Obamazombies.

  5. Why keep your kids in school where they might learn to read and write when you can yank them out to go listen to a charismatic demagogue.

  6. Look at it this way…
    For years and years my American friends have asked me how could the Cubans been so dumb to fall for a facist/Socialist like fidel castro.
    No matter how well I tried to explain the castro phenomenom, they just couldn’t understand it.
    Thanks to Obama, now they do!

  7. Let me join in with the ‘I can’t believe’ crowd. I can’t believe my parents fled their beloved homeland, fleeing communist oppression and misery, seeking a land of freedom and opportunity for my brother and I, to have to end up with THIS. God Almighty, what is wrong with this country? Even more disgusting are the Cuban-Americans who are helping to vote him in, especially those who should know better (can anyone say Mas-Santos). You know what – they sicken me…the whole lot of Obama enthusiasts sicken me, and a special contempt for the legions of lazy, ill-informed idiots who will vote for him because they’re too self-absorbed, cowardly, and whinners to know better. What a friggin tragedy if this bastard and his ‘nomenklatura’ take over this country. Lets hope for a miracle, or the nation that gave us and the world so much, will disappear from site……No, I’m not being overdramatic.

  8. Stop lamenting and get out there with all your relatives, friends, pick up the old people and drive them there, don’t let anyome stay home, ONLY YOU CAN GIVE THIS GREAT COUNTRY AWAY TO THE HEATHEN, get off your ass and get all to vote, you are still on time to save America!!!!

  9. It’s not Nov. 4 yet, folks! you sound like cheese eating surrender monkeys! 🙂 It doesn’t take a miracle, just ENOUGH VOTES. Listen: Obama should be MILES ahead of McCain at this point but he is not. With the media in the tank for BO, you can’t believe anything you read or hear! Buck up, Americans! VOTE!

  10. Doorgunner, DMAC: You guys are right – my apologies for being so pessimistic, we really do need to get fired up and get out the vote. In my heart, I know that the majority of Americans are in the McCain camp, but they need to get energized on the 4th and start pulling the lever. You guys are correct – it isn’t over yet.

  11. Get out there people, PATRIA EN PELIGRO!!!To the barricades!!! this is the Battle of Midway again and against all odds America must survive. I just got off the phone with my people in VA and they are all dedicated to driving the sick and old to the polls, I know of a single mother of three in Hialeah who took the week off to drive people to the polls, we here in the Heartland know Mac has the state in the bag but WILL NOT ALLOW THESE MFs stealing our country, get the lead out and do whatever to have to do for the vote!!! Our Marines count on you now!! SEMPER FIDELIS, SEMPER AMERICA!!

  12. What is she dumb or blind? Obama doesn’t even help his own Kenyan family, what makes her think, he is going to do anything for her or any other American. This is a perfect example of why ignorant people should not vote!!!

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