Acts of Repudiation: Obamastyle

In Cuba they are known as actos de repudio; an act of repudiation against those who dissent against the regime. They are carried out by mobs organized by the dictatorship with the sole purpose of intimidating and punishing any Cuban that dares to speak out against the regime. These mobs are sent to the homes of the dissenters where they stand for hours screaming obscenities at their victims and throwing rocks, stones, or anything they can get their hands on at their homes. If they are able to get physically close to the dissenters they will beat them viciously, whether they be man or woman, old or young. It is an effective deterrent against dissent, and one the Cuban regime has used ruthlessly since it came into power.
Whenever anyone has made comparisons with some of the tactics employed by Obama and his supporters to those used by the Cuban dictatorship, many have chided that likening. But as the Obama campaign and his supporters continue to roll on, and in many instances, roll over a few people, those similarities are becoming too close for comfort, and too close to chalk up to just alarmist, right-wing Cuban exiles making something out of nothing.
On October 29th, a Seattle newspaper decided to run a story titled “Hell Houses” about scary Halloween decorations on Seattle neighborhood lawns. The writer–who is anonymous–defined “scary” as any political sign or advertisement that promotes Republican candidates. The article is written in a tongue-in-cheek style, but that is only meant to cloak its true purpose: Intimidation. Along with photos of these homes, the article provides their addresses as well.
Imagine your home address being published in a newspaper because you dared to express an idea that the ruling mob disagrees with? For Cubans, that concept is a reality. And it seems very possible that Americans may come to experience this affront to liberty and freedom in an Obama presidency.
Maybe I am just overreacting, but are Joe the Plumber, the journalists kicked off the Obama campaign airplane, the blacklisted news station in Orlando, and the countless other retaliatory actions taken against those who disagree with Obama just an anomaly, or a sign of things to come?
I look at it from this simple perspective: If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.

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