Change we can believe in?

“I say to them tonight, there’s not a liberal America and a conservative America — there’s the United States of America. There’s not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America.” – Barack Obama, July 27, 2004
A couple of days ago I heard Obama give a variation of this speech during a campaign rally. It was the same theme he has been pounding away at for over four years now in his historic quest to attain the highest office in the land. And this theme is also the cornerstone of Obama’s so-called CHANGE proposition. He is promising America that he will bring us all together and unite us as one. He will change the way things have been done in the past and bring an end to the partisanship; an end to the divisions in our culture; an end to politics as usual. It is a persuasive argument, and its effectiveness is clearly demonstrated by his success so far.
Obama’s CHANGE mantra strikes a chord with many Americans who are tired of the political bickering that has been going on for most of their lives between Republicans and Democrats. When Obama talks of CHANGE, he presents himself as the healer, the agent that will pull together a divided country. He says he is not the typical candidate beholden to the politics of old, but instead, he is an emissary of harmony. A man devoted not to party politics, but to the well being of a nation and all its citizens.
With such a heady ambition, it surprised me yesterday to find out that Obama has been talking to Rahm Emanuel about possibly serving as his White House chief of staff. Yes, you heard right; Rahm “The Republicans can go F*** themselves” Emanuel.
It is an interesting choice by Obama considering the fact that uniting all the races and cultures in this country is a difficult task in itself. Accomplishing this would be made all the more difficult if he surrounds himself by some of the most vitriolic, mean spirited partisan hacks in the Democratic party establishment. For a candidate promising CHANGE, it seems he is doing everything else but actually changing.
He sure does give a good speech about it, though.
If any of you are considering voting for Obama because you expect good CHANGE, do not hold your breath if he is elected. We will all get CHANGE in an Obama presidency, but the change will be in what Obama does as opposed to what he said.

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  1. It’s all newspeak.
    “I will be a uniter” means if you ever say anything to subvert my success as a candidate, you are a racist. It also means I will develop warfare between rich and poor, black and white, left and right, and me and my anti American cohorts and everyone else.
    “I will give a tax cut to 95% of Americans” means I will give a welfare check to tons of Americans, I will give a pittance of tax relief to very few Americans, and I will tax the most productive sector of the country and lose jobs so that fewer people will be making the amounts I want to tax than I thought there would be.
    “We are the ones we have been waiting for” means one of two things. It probably means I am the one you have been waiting for. Or it means you are the ones who can do things that you always wanted to do, like interrupt our intelligence agencies, decimate the military, end all wars so we can stop fighting terrorism and become subjugated to anyone who wants to take us over, end the embargo with Cuba so we can leave prisoners where they are and forget about them while we help a tyrant continue his tyranny, destroy free trade, especially with our allies but open it with enemies of this country, steal money from anyone who has it because it’s your turn now, and finally let the Supreme Court go to the left so that, with a left wing congress and a left wing president and a left wing court and msm, we can finally end checks and balances and have the revolution succeed without firing a shot.
    “I will support Israel” means I will always rely on the U.N. countries’ votes and force Israel to make concessions and I will equate terrorism with self defense and even blame Israel for its intransigence because we all know you can never get the other side to budge an inch.
    “I will keep America safe” means I will not keep America safe.
    “The American citizen is the most productive in the world” means I’ll soon put a stop to that.
    “This is the greatest country in the world” means I’ll soon put a stop to that, too through erasing American sovereignty by relying on the World Court and the U.N. to judge us and by continuing to say things like America is not what it should be and we don’t set a good example for the world.
    You can parse Obama’s speeches like this forever. It’s made even easier because we have so much video and news examples to validate all I say here.
    Good luck, America on Tuesday.
    And thank you Philadelphia Phillies!

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