What’s troubling about the suppressed LA Times video

The fact that the Times refuses to release a video tape of US Presidential candidate Barack Obama attending a going away party for former P.L.O. operative Rashid Khalidi has outraged many; but the real outrage is the fact that someone who attended what was most probably a Jew bashing party is a hairs-breath away from occupying the White House. Just imagine the outrage if McCain had been an active presence at a going away party for a member of the KKK.
If Obama’s ties to Middle East terrorists don’t trouble you, they should. Please watch the videos embedded at Jews Against Obama.

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  1. The sad thing is that all the secular well educated liberal Jews in the Upper West Side of New York and around the nation are still voting for Obama because they fear the Republican party, especially Sarah Palin, as some kind of Torquemada fascist Christian fundamentalist movement that will institute pogroms against their families. They are so wrong, but out of white guilt they are voting for a man Obama that has ties to terrorists and that will most probably abandon the state of Israel, Taiwan, and most certainly dissidence in Cuba!
    The other thing can be – the reason many people, Jews or gentiles, are not speaking up enough about issues such as this, is because they are ignorant – they aren’t even aware that these controversies exist because the MSM either doesn’t report them, or if they do cover them, they make them out to be right wing conspiracy theories spun by a bunch of bible thumping gun toting hillbillies who live in trailer parks in Alabama.
    The so called educated people at my job have no idea of the real Obama when I speak to them about it – they like me, but they sure hell don’t believe me – the same for my mother in law because they are all getting their news on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, or Newsweek!

  2. Your post is wholly devoid of fact. It is myth and speculation. It was “most probably a Jew bashing party” based on what? Unless you were there, you have no idea what happened at that party other than what was in the LA Times.
    It never ceases to amaze me how increasingly unmoored from reality the Obama-bashers have become. Take a deep breath, adjust your tin-foil hats, and try to relax. After all, McCain’s PAC funded Khalidi! If you really hate and fear Khalidi, I ask you, which is worse, going to his farewell party or funding his political activities?
    The fact that two professors in Chicago were friendly with one another does not disqualify Obama from being president, any more than the fact that he served on a board with Chicago’s 1997 Citizen of the Year, Bill Ayers. That this is even an issue at all in certain howling-mad backwaters of the internet just underscores how incapable most (not all) Obama opponents are of holding a serious discussion of issues. (It does, however, go a long way to explaining McCain’s standing in the polls).
    Every US president has expressed a desire to help bring peace to that region, and everyone has thrown up his hands in disgust after trying. At this point, we will almost certainly keep up the ineffective, counterproductive, but politically expedient policies toward Israel that we’ve had for decades. Our Middle East policy will continue mostly unchanged, for the simple reason that both the Israelis and the Palestinians are held hostage by a small band of hard-core nutjobs who don’t want peace or any sort of rational resolution of their disputes.
    In that regard, just like our policy toward Cuba for the past 50 years or so. Against all reason and contrary to the wishes and best interests of the vast majority of Americans, we’re held hostage by a small band of hard-core nutjobs mostly living in Miami. Although it is much more likely that in 2009 President Obama will establish diplomatic relations with Cuba, thus implementing the first rational diplomatic policy regarding Cuba that we’ve had in years. (Since the Cuban ex-pat community — at least those over 50 years of age — wouldn’t vote for Obama if he walked on water and healed the halt and the blind, why should he do anything to curry their favor after he’s elected?)

  3. Rocket, you give away your true intent with this, “Against all reason and contrary to the wishes and best interests of the vast majority of American’s, we’re held hostage by a small band of hard-core nut jobs mostly living in Miami.”
    How dare you come here and insult us. You just lost your commenting privileges. Listen up you bigoted comemierda, did you expect to mouth garbage like this and get by with it. This is a Cuban blog, and if you don’t like our politics, you can just kiss our collective Cuban ass.
    Here’s a little background for you: Khalidi isn’t just someone Obama happened to know since they were both professors. Their families were and I quote, “frequent dinner companions” they also just happened to share a relationship with Edward Said, whose chair at Columbia Khalidi filled. Also included in that cozy circle was Bill Ayers. Coincidence? Only a fool could think so.
    Here’s a partial list of radical friends Obama “just happened to know” besides his good friend Rashid. Khalid Al-Mansour, Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Louis Farrakahn, Tony Rezko, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Raila Odinga, Marilyn Katz, Franklin Raines, Tim Howard, Jim Johnson, and of course all his buddies at ACORN.
    To set the record straight, regarding the so-called donations McCain made to Khalidi. I assume you’re referring to the grants for the Center for Palestinian Research and Studies back in the 1990’s. The IRI is a PAC, these were not direct donations from McCain, and what’s more, the IRI cleared the recepients with the Israeli’s, and so at that time had no knowledge of Khalidi’s ties to terrorists. There is no comparison to Obama’s direct role in giving grants to the AAAN, a group headed by Khalidi’s wife.
    As for what’s on that video tape, how do I know there was most likely Jew bashing at the party? Because I’m a Jew, and I know what Palestinians say about us publicly, and its worse, much worse behind closed doors. What other reason is there for the times, and their source to withhold the tape? Anyone who has ever attended or watched video of, or read transcripts from these Palestinian gatherings knows what goes on. The idea that these celebrants restrained themselves on this occasion is unlikely, and Obama’s past associations reveal no distaste on his part for vile anti-Semitism. He listened to his own Pastor spew such hatred for 20 years. Let me tell you something, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t get up and walk out should they be confronted with such vileness, no matter the minority it was directed towards. That’s what decent people do.

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