1 thought on “Condemned by his own words”

  1. George,
    There are way too many people in this country that today refuse to acknowledge the reality unfolding before their eyes.
    To them it does not matter that Barack Hussein Obama is a political candidate that has flip-flopped so much and cannot be trusted at all because he has such Marxist/Socialist values or that he has so many questionable relationships with individuals with such an Anti-American agenda; or that that agenda (wrapped into a big lie package) he promotes for America is one that will bring so much heartache to the people and America’s downfall from greatness.
    The truth and the fact of the matter is that many people today refuse at all costs to see the fraud of a politician that Barack Hussein Obama is and the true nature of the “CHANGE” he wants to implement in America.
    I feel that many people of this great nation today are so lost in an abysm of blind, dumb and naïve stupidity never seen in our history that will allow Obama to reach the highest office.
    Make no mistake; in the next four years the American people are going to learn the most painful lesson they have experienced since the end of WW2 if Barack Hussein Obama becomes our next President Tuesday night.

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