“Hispanics” Flock to Obama

“The Republican brand has been tarnished as result of the immigration debate and the extreme rhetoric that came out of that debate,” said Janet Murguía, executive director of the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group.” (Italics mine)
From the same article: “We need change, so the fact that Obama is NOT AN ANGLO (emphasis mine) appeals to me,”
Here’s sad news: to most Americans outside Miami, a “Hispanic” is a “Hispanic”–period. A Bay of Pigs vet probably votes, thinks, eats, lives– and even looks– like an activist for la Raza, who wears a Che -T-shirt. So even though we represent the most lopsidely Mc Cain-backing ethnic group (not only in American, but in the WORLD!) among the politically un-obsessed (most normal people) in Middle America we’ll probably be blamed as part of McCain’s defeat! Unreal.

3 thoughts on ““Hispanics” Flock to Obama”

  1. You can bet Obama knows about the lopsided Cuban vote and will remember, not that it will make a difference in his policy anyway. We’ve already been sold a bill of goods.

  2. Humberto,
    I’m a bit confused, maybe I am interpreting it wrong, but what do you mean that a “Bay of Pig Veteran probably votes…like a an activist for La Raza?”
    But in any case, I agree with you. It’s ironic that we will be blamed for McCain’s lost, but of course, its the fault of this “Hispanic” label that we are all forced to wear, as well as the mainstream media’s lies that there is a schism in the Cuban American community who are allegedly flocking to the Obama camp. Case in point, the New York Times has only reported on the Joe Garcia and Raul Martinez campaigns, the Washington Post that never gave Jorge Mas Canosa a platform to express his views, gave his son a page to endorse Obama.
    I was looking at that amazing pro-McCain rally in Coral Cables that Henry posted and that has not been mentioned or shown in NYC.

  3. I agree that to most Americans, a Hispanic is a Hispanic all the same, but if you’ve ever left Miami you’d know that Cubans are considered Caucasians by many across the country. Because most Cubans are white, educated, and speak fluent English, it is difficult often for gringos to associate them with the illegal, dark brown fence climbers that are always stealing their jobs or whatnot. At least in the godless liberal Northeast, the cradle of sin in America (I’m in Massachusetts), white people genuinely don’t see much of a distinction between themselves and Cubans. The Bay of Pigs vet wouldn’t be much different than a Vietnam vet to them.
    That said, it’s in the red (Republican, not communist) parts of the country where I’ve found the point you’re making to be true. Not that I’ve been to the deep south or anything, but in the lesser-populated Republican parts of New Jersey, New York, and Delaware anyone who speaks a word of Spanish is a dirty Mexican. Just something to think about for us Cubans.

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