4 thoughts on “It can’t happen here?”

  1. They don’t have a bill of rights/first amendment like we do. In fact, very few countries in Europe have such freedoms as we do.
    Hence why you can be prosecuted in France for expressing your opinion and not in the US.
    And who’s the biggest proponent of the 1st amendment? Judge Scalia … the justice the leftist penile implants love to hate.
    Go figure.

  2. George –
    Notice that it DIDN’T happen under the watch of PM Howard. Of course we all know why – It’s for the “Chilldrren” -S-

  3. Mike,although you are right in your post,remember that the left is finding new ways to get what they want,and is also probably that they will find a way to interpret the first amendment on his favor.All they need is the right time,and it’s look like it’s coming.
    I wont say it’s going to be fast.It’l take some time ,but,if Hussein Obama wins,the “changes” we are going to see,are going to be ,some of them slow,others ,kind of fast,and they wont be good at all…

  4. And who is in power in Australia?
    The Australian LABOR Party, folks!
    And here it won’t be only “illegal” material censored, but “hate speech”, under the rubric of which will fall just about anything the ruling government doesn’t want anyone to hear.

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