Liberal Is Not a Dirty Word. So There.


In order to mainstream the use of the word “liberal’ and distance it from its pejorative meaning, there is a website hawking “The Liberal Card.” Its purpose is to have liberals proudly carry identification that they are actually, duh, “card-carrying liberals.” The leaders and members of the group Living Liberally want to reclaim the word and say it’s not dirty, and they’ll “be damned if they let people use it like it is.” Um, yeah, good luck with that.
The liberal card gets liberals a discount at participating indie film houses (one), fair trade coffee shops, the unknown online store LiePie and I would imagine, gets them discounts on Michael Moore films and coupons for Kool Aid.
From their website:

You’re proud to be a liberal, and it shows. When you order your Liberal Card, you’ll also get a super-sweet poster. It’s just another way to show your true-blue liberal pride.
1: Go where you love being a liberal. Maybe it’s your favorite fair-trade coffee shop, your local women’s health center or your place of worship.
2: Bring your poster and hold it up with pride.
3: Take your picture. Something that shows you, your poster and your liberal locale

And, the cards are printed on renewable, green corncards, so liberals can buy one for $25 with a clear conscience. WHEW!
Don’t forget to take your picture with the poster you get so you can look as cool as this guy!


3 thoughts on “Liberal Is Not a Dirty Word. So There.”

  1. Mandingo here,
    This guy looks like he started raiding his mom’s shoe closet when he was a kid and he loved to try them heels on! Let’s send him to Cuba and see how liberal he is then, eh? No fair trade coffee houses there!
    I know people like this.

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