Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

If elected, Barack Obama has promised to form a Civilian National Security Force that is just as powerful and just as well funded as our National Military. I have to wonder just what Obama hopes to accomplish by forming such a force when we already have millions of expertly trained law enforcement personnel both on the national level as well as the state, county, and municipality level.
I am curious to know Obama’s plans for this CNSF and just what they will be protecting us from that the FBI, the DEA, ICE, the Secret Service, the Border Patrol, the DOJ, the state police in every state in the union, the local police in almost every county and city in the union, and the many more law enforcement agencies I am sure I am missing from this list cannot protect us from. Apparently, it is something very sinister and something very dangerous because with the millions upon millions of law enforcement officers we have in this country, Obama feels we need another security force that is as powerful as the US military.
This idea of a Civilian National Security Force that Obama is peddling, however, is not a new concept, nor is it a novel one. It has been around for a long time. As a matter of fact, one only needs to look 90-miles to the south of our border to find another country that instituted a civilian security force that has been operating–quite effectively, I might add–for almost five decades now.

Again, call me crazy, or call me an intransigent, right-wing Cuban from Miami. But as I said yesterday in a previous post: If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.

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  1. This is inindeed the most dangerous proposal by that guy, is amazing the amount of people I’ve shown it to who claim they did not know about it and still fail to understand the implications, some view it as some kind of CCC 1930s brigade but we know better, is the muscle to be made up of the loosers of this nation.

  2. I was just awakend by a bad dream, caused I am sure by thinking and worrying about Obamas CNSF. Vague sleep state questions, the same as asked in your post. What will be this army’s purpose. The dream continued with armed thugs forcing their way into our home, confiscating computers, and personal property. That woke me up, and my first thought was whew, that was crazy, this is America, I thinking of Cuba, that cannot happen here. But it already has, remember Elian? Or maybe it was just a nutty dream. One thing for sure, Obama scares me.

  3. I have been having bad dreams the last 2 weeks also. I dream that I am in Cuba and I am being persecuted for my beliefs and the rapid response brigades are shouting at me. My Subconscious mind is trying to tell me something.

  4. I have had similar dreams, too, but the day Obama’s CNSF takes my computer and my right to express my opinions freely on the internet away, is the day they pry my keyboard from my cold, dead fingers.

  5. This whole concept is unAmerican to its core. If this idiot thinks his “CNSF” is going to “control” the conservative, gun-owning, religion-clinging, God-fearing population of this country, he’s got a surprise coming his way.

  6. George: What is even more scary is that if elected this guy will have at his disposition as CIC the most powerful force in History, the force available to the President in 1860 would be a joke compared to today’s. Again everybody get out there and vote, vote ’cause your life depends on it.

  7. I voted this past Tuesday, but yesterday I waited in line for five hours with a member of my family who had yet to vote. While we were waiting in line an Obama campaign worker came around, distributing -to all the waiting voters- “ice cream popsicles” from Obama. This went on for quite a while. When the “Obama Ice Cream Popsicles” –as he referred to them- were gone, he started passing around “Obama Candy.” This too went on for a while (bear in mind that the waiting in line Saturday was between 4-5 hours). I was very upset. Not because he was passing around “Obama ice cream” and “Obama candy,” but because of the comments he kept making as he passed them out. Why I wasn’t tarred and feathered on the spot -because of my comments back to him- is still a surprise to me.

  8. Firefly, that was fucking illegal! No politicking is permitted within 100 feet of a polling place. Why weren’t the authorities called on this commie prick? You notice the action, doing the same thing fidel did in the classrooms? Fucking bastards!

  9. All FLORIDIANS who care about this country and ancestral homelands that are THREATENED by those Obama wants to have “relations” with such as the Castros,Chavez, and Iran’s Achmedinejad , must VOTE ON TUESDAY FOR McCAIN,and MAKE SURE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMALIES DO TOO!

  10. You have got to be kidding me! Talk about taking something completely out of context and then using it to whip up a hysterical frenzy. Take a moment to listen to what he was actually saying – you don’t have to listen to the whole thing, just start at minute 12:50 and spend 5 minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df2p6867_pw&feature=related.
    This willful disregard of truth and common respect in favor of divisive fear is just one example of what has gone so awfully wrong in a party I once so deeply respected.

  11. J S:
    At what point would you start to wonder why most everything controversial uttered by Obama has to be explained?
    We need to spread the wealth: Well, Obama doesn’t mean that he wants to actually spread the wealth.
    We need a CIVILIAN national security force: Well, actually, what he means is a MILITARY force, we just misunderstood him.
    We will bankrupt the coal industry: Well, he doesn’t mean he is actually going to bankrupt the coal industry.
    The courts did not go far enough to distribute the wealth among minorities: Well, he doesn’t really mean distribute the wealth, he’s talking about something else.
    I will give a tax break to those making $250K, no, wait, $200K, oops, I mean $150K, oh, my bad, it’s $120K: Well, he’s going to give a tax break to somebody.
    I will meet with rogue dictators without preconditions: Well, he doesn’t actually mean without preconditions, of course there would be pre-preparations, whatever that means.
    How many of these does it take before you start wondering whether the problem is Obama and not the American public misunderstanding him?

  12. I heard him say this yesterday and it scared the hell out of me. Militia/Milicia whats the difference? Nadie escarmienta por cabeza ajena. What would he arm them with? Kalashnicovs?

  13. Why are you suprised? This is a guy who spoke at Saul Mendelson’s funeral. As in Saul “I founded the Debs Dinners” Mendelson, you know the annual meeting for Communists and Socialists in America?
    Oh, and by the way…go to the Debs Dinners website (at the DSA) and check out the title/theme for this year’s dinner: “Yes We Can!”
    We’re soooooo stupid. And LAZY!

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