McCain Rally: Awesome

I’ve been to Presidential campaign rallies before but none like this. First of all the Bank United Center was packed (capacity 8,000) and the crowd was about 90% Cuban. And guess what? There were TONS of young people there. Carlos Oliva played and later Albita (who once was looked at suspiciously by the exile community) and her band played right up until McCain made his appearance. He came in after midnight so the crowd you see in the videos and pictures waited more than FOUR hours to see him.
Pardon the crummy camera-phone pictures and video but it will give you an idea of the intensity of the crowd. Also check out this WFOR news video.

I suspect we’re going to see a surprise in Florida on Tuesday. I’m pretty sure that McCain hasn’t felt the kind of intensity he got tonight very often.
Plenty of funny and witty signs and t-shirts:

McCubans for McCain
Don’t tax me bro!
I left Cuba for Venezuela. I left Venezuela for the USA. Where to now?
US enemies, Obama’s friends
Yo soy José el Plomero

With the chants of USA, USA it’s easy to see why the anti-American media hates us and wants to divide us.
Here’s a long-form video from WFOR that gives you a better feel for the energy in the room. Pay close attention at the 8:30 mark. Then watch at the 19:25 mark. Those last words I’m hearing for the first time because there was no way to hear them in the room.

5 thoughts on “McCain Rally: Awesome”

  1. That’s a fantastic, awesome sign of support from the Cuban-American community for McCain! I felt the emotion! It must have been unbelievable to be there!!!
    Of course the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on this. They’re too busy talking about the supposed schism in the Cuban community and how Cuban Americans are going to vote for Obama, because Cuban Americans are allegedly no longer interested in Cuba, but instead in the economy which Obama is going to fix.
    Up here in NYC, we only hear about Cuban Americans if its something bad. The New York Times only talks about Cuban Americans to give a national platform to people like Joe Garcia or Raul Martinez, or to talk about people like Posada Carriles, or some alleged corruption in Miami or instance of “intolerance,” by those “repellant” Cuban Americans.

  2. My mom and I were there too. Had I known they allowed cameras, I would have brought mine in. It was in the car.
    It really was an amazing vibe, you could tell he was overwhelmed by the support. And I was pleased to see Kelsey Grammer and his wife standing next to Cindy McCain on stage. Alright, Frasier! LOL

  3. Ray,
    Yesterday driving around my neighborhood, there was a huge caravan of Republican supporters honking horns and displaying signs and flags. We realize the importance of this election, and it’s great to see that we’re not sitting on our hands assuming that everything will just go our way.

  4. It made me cry to see the old soldier get the treatment he deserves. I have never been so proud that in Miami at least, merit matters.

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