The CANF is now “Non-Partisan”! (According to Reuters)

Let’s hand it to Reuters, regarding their Havana Bureau, they sure keep their end of the bargain.
“The Miami-based Cuban American National Foundation, which has morphed from a staunchly Republican anti-communist pressure group under its former leader Jorge Mas Canosa, who died in 1997, into a non-partisan organization that gave Obama a warm reception on a visit to Miami in May.”
Note the terminology: from a (tacky and crackpot) “pressure group” to a (respectable) “non-partisan organization.” And all it took for this Mr Hyde to Dr Jekyll transformation was for the CANF to start towing the Castroite-Democratic line. Then: “POOF!” the pumpkin turned into an elegant carriage–“POOF!” the frog turned into a handsome prince.
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3 thoughts on “The CANF is now “Non-Partisan”! (According to Reuters)”

  1. is CANF for the embargo? yes or no? by making your little club more and more exclusive you all are going to find yourselves in a phone booth talking to one another and then you can have the quiet satisfaction that all three of you agree absolutely one hundred percent on everything. so go ahead call CANF a bunch of Castroites because they disagree with you on two stinking issues – fine. I can hardly wait for your next fatwa.

  2. Despite the “warm” reception for Obama not all CANF members are for Obama. Its just Jorge Mas and his pea-sized brain and he should not speak for the lot. I dont think you should say that they are “towing the Castroite-Democratic line”..dont go by what that idiot of Jorge Mas says..he’s got his head so far up Obama’s ass that he cant see anymore.

  3. This is just another example of the Colin Powell syndrome. You can easily go from pariah to in-crowd, as long as you’re willing to sell out.

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