What more can America give to Barack Obama?

Every morning when I drive to my downtown Miami office I take the backstreets to avoid most of the traffic. The route that I have found to be the quickest and most direct happens to take me through the residential areas of the Village of Pinecrest and then the city of Coral Gables. These two municipalities happen to be some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in South Florida, so it is somewhat peculiar for me to see the majority of the multi-million dollar mansions I pass to have Obama signs on their lawns touting “CHANGE” and “YES WE CAN.”
Just what do these residents find in need of change? By their homes and the cars parked in front it appears they have achieved a very high level of the American dream. Yet, for some reason, they feel this country needs to be changed. Is the change they want the type of change that will allow them to amass more wealth, or do they feel guilty for what many on the left would consider to be their excesses? It is an interesting mystery, but not as interesting as the mystery behind their candidate’s call for CHANGE.
Barack Obama was born during the tumultuous sixties to a poor white mother and a black Kenyan immigrant. By his own words, most of his childhood was spent in poverty and without his father. He experienced racism from whites for his black skin and from blacks for his mixed race. Nevertheless, he persevered and ended up attending some of the finest universities this country has to offer. Now, at the young age of forty-seven, Barack Obama stands poised to become the most powerful man in the world.
Barack Obama’s life is a testament to the American ideal. In no other country in the world could a man of Obama’s humble origins achieve what he has been able to achieve. His journey was not an easy one and it required much work and perseverance on his part, but the rewards this country has given his efforts cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.
Obama’s story is an inspiring one, which leads me to ask a simple question of the candidate: If America has given someone of humble and poor origins—like you, Barack—the opportunity to become the most powerful man in the world, what is it then about America you want to change so badly?
What more can America give to Barack Obama?

4 thoughts on “What more can America give to Barack Obama?”

  1. “What more can America give to Barack Obama?”
    The answer suggests itself – “THE FUTURE.” That is all.

  2. I know I’ll get attacked for this as I always do when I give my rare opposing view on Babalu, but did you once consider that though they may be well off, the change they want is for the greater good?
    Maybe they want to see their country doing better, and they think Barack Obama can bring the change that results in that. Maybe they feel strongly about ending a the ten-billion-dollar-a-month war they don’t wish to keep funding. Maybe they think he can bring honor and respect to our country. Whether or not you believe Obama can bring any of this, you have to allow them their own opinion. Just because someone is better off than most, because they are wealthy, does not mean they don’t want what is best for our country.

  3. Abel, unless you consider someone disagreeing with you and defending their position an attack, I think your fear is unfounded.
    Of course everyone, rich or poor, is entitled to their opinion. I just find it odd that the same people Obama has targeted as the “bad guys” are supporting him for president. In all honesty, no one is stopping them from donating as much of their wealth to charity as they please. And as far as I know, there is no law against sending the IRS more money than you owe. If that is what they want to do, I will support them and encourage their acts of kindness. But I will not allow them to force me to do the same.
    That is the problem, Abel; Obama’s plan forces everyone, whether they agree or disagree, to part with a larger chunk of their hard earned cash so that he can redistribute it to those he deems worthy.
    Now if I had a multi-million dollar home and millions of dollars stashed away, the extra taxes would not likely affect my lifestyle. But I do not have any of these things, and I am being asked by those who do have the resources and won’t feel the effects that I must make do with less for the good of all.
    That is not American, Abel, nor is it “fair.”
    Besides, when the tax revenues begin to fall, as they always do when taxes are raised, Obama will have to start taxing wealth. At that point, when these people have to start paying a percentage of their balance sheets to the IRS, you will see how much less patriotic they will feel.
    Don’t ask me to do what you are not willing to do yourself.

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