Wholesale vote fraud, how the Dems did it in 2000

I signed up to be a poll watcher on behalf of the McCain campaign and went to the training yesterday. It was eye opening to say the least. After the initial training in which were told what the procedure should be and what things to keep an eye out for we got a speech from another gentleman who gave us the low down. He said there’s two types of election fraud: retail and wholesale. Retail is the kind where a some illegit voter somehow gets registered and votes. Wholesale is where thousands of votes are stolen or invalidated etc.
He explained that our mere presence at the polling places will deter a lot of the wholesale voter fraud and told us to keep an eye on the workers to make sure they aren’t feeding ballots into the scanners.
But the anecdote that stayed with me was from the 2000 election. To many liberals that election was “stolen” by Bush and the dirty Republicans, especially in Palm Beach county Florida. But the truth according to this gentleman who was training us is that Palm Beach county is where the Dems almost stole the election from Bush. He claims that several thousand ballots which were cast for Bush were invalidated by poll workers when nobody was looking. The method according to him was to use a long sharp object of some sort and punch through stacks of ballots (they were IBM punch cards) on Al Gore’s number. If the voter had voted for Gore nothing would happen but if the voter had voted for any other candidate it would count as an overvote and be invalid.
I decided to do a little digging and it seems that he may be right.
According to Florida’s certified election results George W. Bush obtained 152,951 votes in Palm Beach. yet the GOP candidate for Senate Bill McCollum got 154,642 votes. So a down-ticket Republican got more 1,691 votes more than the GOP nominee for president? That also happened for Gore however the difference was much smaller. He obtained 269,732 votes while McCollum’s opponent, Bill Nelson, got 270,452 (a difference of 720). Remember that Ralph Nader got a significant number of votes from the loony left (in Palm Beach county it was 5,565 votes).
But what’s most revealing is the total number of valid votes cast in the Senate election (436,388) vs. those cast for the Presidential election (433,186). A difference of 3,202. It is extremely odd for Senate elections or any other down-ticket election to get more valid votes than a presidential election.
Remember folks, before you go blaming that “butterfly ballot” that Palm Beach County is a Democratic county that had a Democratic supervisor of elections. If anyone tried to throw the election in South Florida it was the Dems.

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  1. I see you met Manny. He’s a great guy.
    I’ll be on the road tomorrow with the Roaming Legal Team. It will be fun.

  2. Wait a second. When I voted, a poll worker fed my ballot forms into the scanner in my presence. A screen came up with various choices, including “Finish,” which I was told to select, and I did so. Then I was told, “OK, you voted!” and that was it. Is that the way it was supposed to work, or what?

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