3 Hours

I stood in line to vote today for three hours. I arrived at the polling station for my small precinct (so small, in fact, they have two precincts voting at the same station) at 0800 hoping the line would not be too long. My first view of the line showed it to have perhaps 30 to 40 people, so I grabbed the first off-street parking space I found and with a relieved spring in my step, I proceeded to what I thought was the back of the line.
Once I arrived though, I realized the line actually wrapped around the building and out of sight from the street. So I went around the bend and kept walking, and walking, and walking until I found the line wrapped once again around the other side of the building. With the spring in my step now gone, I took my place at the end of the line.
I happen to live in a neighborhood that if the political signs in most of the yards are any indication, is very liberal. With the prospect of having to spend most of my morning standing in line, I began to worry it would be made worse by having to listen to Obamatons proclaim the wondrous works of their Messiah. To my surprise, and delight, everyone pretty much kept to themselves during my 3-hour trek around the building and into the room where we would all cast our ballots.
Overall, the experience was not unpleasant, though I would have preferred not to spend my entire morning standing in line. But with freedom comes responsibility, and if it had taken 8-hours for me to vote today, or 10, or 15, I would have endured the line. This is one of the most important elections in US history, but exercising my right to vote is the most important thing of all.

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  1. By the way, when I voted, a poll worker fed my ballot forms into the scanner in my presence. A screen came up with various choices, including “Finish,” which I was told to select, and I did so. Then I was told, “OK, you voted!” and that was it. Is that the way it was supposed to work, or what? Now I feel I should have asked more questions or gotten some sort of verification to make sure my vote went through as intended.

  2. At my precinct I fed the ballot myself into the machine–both pages–and nothing popped up on the screen other than a blurb saying “complete” or something.
    Is this the way it should be working? Anyone out there know?

  3. I voted in Sarasota on Sunday. When it was fed in to the machine, it said something like “vote accepted.” For what it’s worth.

  4. Is this the way it should be working? Anyone out there know?
    I assume that’s the “fill-in-the-circle” scantron paper ballots? if so, that’s how it works. The machine scans the ballot, and looks for issues. If it had found a problem, it would have spit it back at you. Then you could either correct the problem (if it is an undervote) or get a new ballot and recast them.
    In my part of the state (the bluest of the red counties in the panhandle) we’ve been using those ballots since I moved here in 1990.

  5. 45 minute wait here in PA, all computerized. One looney guy in line asking what McCain’s IQ was, loudly and bitching about the war. No black panthers or other felines.

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