I heard the audio of this interview in my car yesterday afternoon on satellite radio and I just found the video. It is embarrassing to see a senator of this country trying to pull this crap on the American people. It is doubly embarrassing, at least for me, for it to be a Cuban-American senator trying to lie, obfuscate, twist, conceal, mislead, and be simply dishonest with the American people.

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  1. I find it so ironic how the senator is a Cuban-American, yet he also a democrat. When I lived in Miami, that was unheard of to me. Most of my friends, and their parents were republicans. The senator plays this game regarding economic theory/political rhetoric on Fox News, yet he truly believes in his political party’s values, and income redistribution, but it makes me question did the past or his parent’s past not affect him in any way whatsoever???

  2. Folks, this guy is a RAT inside and out, and he follows the RAT “party line” to the hilt – always has. If you guys in Miami are “surprised”, its only because of distance. I live in NJ, I know. Being “Cuban-American” means nothing to this RAT except when he scavanges for votes from Union City and Elizabeth on election days.

  3. I grew up in Elizabeth and this guy has been duping Cubans for votes for years by supporting things like Helms-Burton, etc. However he is just another cog in the Northern NJ/NYC liberal democratic machine. His dismal voting record has now been eclipsed by this ridiculous display of sucking up to the Obama line. Menendez should look at this clip and see how ignorant he sounds but then again he won’t notice it. His assignment was to regurgitate campaign slogans and platitudes in order to avoid having to answer Cavuto’s very straight-forward questions. In the end, Menendez looks like an idiot. Don’t people realize that any anti-castro stance that Menendez might have is cancelled out a thousand times over by supporting Obama and his gang of Castro lovers???
    I told my parents to stop giving this guy votes over 15 years ago. Disgraceful.

  4. This guy is the definition of ZORRO, and I don’t mean the movie character; I mean zorro in the slang Cuban sense of deceitful weasel. I’ve NEVER trusted him. He would kiss the ass of ANYBODY who was top dog in the Democratic hierarchy, especially if he or she were the president. That includes any Clinton, any Kennedy, Christopher Dodd, Obama, ANYBODY. His Cuba song-and-dance is basically to get the votes he needs to stay in Congress, given the demographics of his constituency. It’s political opportunism, pure and simple.
    The guy strikes me as a textbook case of a CINO: Cuban in name only. UGH.

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