God Bless America

While at last week’s interview with SKY news, a british gent that had also been interviewed matter-of-factly stated to Henry, George and I that he’d already voted. Said something to the effect that he’d “exercised his right and his privilege to vote.”
I felt the need to correct him and his sanctimonious statement:
“It’s much more than your right and privilege, sir,” I said. “As an American, it is your duty.”
And our duty it is. Elections arent about getting your guy or your party into office. Elections are about doing what’s best for this country and its future.
I hope those of you that havent already voted and are planning on voting today keep the aforementioned in mind when you take to the voting booth.
And I hope that perhaps with your ballot in hand,for one brief moment today, you remember that there are countries in this world like Cuba, whose people have neither rights nor privileges and whose duty isnt to elect their government, but to bow before it.
Get out there and vote, folks! Hundreds of thousands of Americans before you did their duty and sacrificed it all for you to be able to do yours today. Never take that for granted.
God Bless America, land that I love.

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  1. Well, the Brits have been trying to influence our elections for years, and given the amount of foreign money funding flowing to a certain candidate, I was just wondering…but a Brit being obtuse and obnoxious? Noooooo…

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