I love this country.

Good friend and totally honorary cubanita Victoria:

Here I am, just one of millions of immigrants who have come to your shores, and found that America has given me more than a home — it’s given me a purpose.
I love this country from the bottom of my heart. And I love it too much, too desperately much to see it distorted. As long as I have breath in my body, I will fight for this country with all the tools I have in my arsenal. I think all real Americans would do the same.

Today’s absolute must read: Road to Victory, at Sundries.

2 thoughts on “I love this country.”

  1. Wow, Val (and Robert!), I am very touched by the bloglink, and the words therein — thank you/gracias con todo mi corazon!
    I am listening to Albita after having purchased her 1993 hit record, and I have to say, having once seen her live at Centro Vasco all those years ago, she has CERTAINLY changed physically, but moreover, she has a certain maturity which I sensed even though from far away.
    It’s good to see that, unlike so many wishy-washy Cuban-Americans, who forget what tyranny is, or maybe never really knew — that Albita is willing to open for McCain, not just in reality, but spiritually too.
    Like many Cubans, she is consistently authentic, undeniably common sensical, and without equal when it comes to being grateful to America.
    It’s an honour to be considered even an honourary Cubiche amongst such a special people.

  2. Val, in heart and spirit I feel and understand your words. My grandmother Amalia passed away many years ago but I will never forget one of the last great conversations we had together.
    “Enrique”…she said…”Never ever leave your country for political reasons. If I could turn back the clock and return to my youth I would NEVER have left Cuba. gladly I would have lived and died in my Cuba. I would have fougth until the end. I rather have lived and died a Mambisa in mi Cuba. Not for all the beauty, peace and security here in Puerto Rico would I ever have left my Cuba. If only I could turn back the clock.” I dont think I ever heard Mami (as I called her) speak about Cuba without referring to it as “Mi Cuba”.
    As I recall her conversations today and read over your comments….I can say that I will never ever leave this country that I love and respect so much, for political reasons .
    If we lose this election,WE must start to educate our people….one by one to the sins of soclialism.
    Thank you Victoria for your love of Cuba, her people and culture. one other great lady here in Los Angeles by the name of ZIVA… This women, not being of Cuban background, has more CUBAN CARACOLES than many Cuban I know here.
    God bless ALL of us. May WE NEVER LOSE FAITH.

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