Secession as an Option

An exact interpretation of the U.S. Constitution reveals that, for the free an independent states that form the U.S., secession is perfectly legal. (Lincoln felt otherwise, but that’s another story.)
So come south, my friends from the northeast! Come west, my friends from Florida! Come to places that rejected Obama-ism! Just let his “Obama Brigades” tread on us. They’ll get a thrashing worse than Meade got from Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg! “Don’t tread on us, Obama!”

3 thoughts on “Secession as an Option”

  1. This was the final kick in the face to us Viet-Nam era veterans, I fear for our boys and girls in the Middle East as these assholes will abandon them, may God protect them, keep it up Humberto, you have a friend in KS.

  2. Lee lost Gettysburg. 🙂
    “General Pickett, attend to your division.”
    “General Lee, I have no division.”

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