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  1. Despicable piece of shit. What an embarrassment for our country to have these fucking tools representing us (and my party).

  2. Val/George,
    If Obama is elected with complete control of both houses of Congress you’ll see the embargo lifted on Cuba within less than a year and there will be nothing that we could do about other than protest in the streets of Miami.
    Then I would love to hear from all those Cuban-American assholes like Manny Diaz, Bob Menendez and Co. who threw their full support behind Obama (knowing full well what they were doing)what they’re going to say.

  3. Ok – that is the argument that I’ve been making for the past 8 years. The embargo is going to go the moment the Dems aren’t scared of us. We should have negotiated something…anything to at least get something out of it because I guarantee you the Dems aren’t going to ask for squat. They are going to give up the whole store. Don’t ask the Cuban-American Dems how they feel about it when it’s over because deep down this is what many want. You are the ones that screwed up. You lose everything on an all or nothing gambit. We had our chance and we blew it now we lose it all because of stubborn headed leaders who think that they can keep their finger on the dike forever.

  4. Does anyone actually believe Bob Menendez, Raul Martinez and similar types would pick keeping the embargo over being “in” with the winning side? We’re talking serious opportunists here. The most they’ll do is cry a couple of crocodile tears and keep on trucking.

  5. The amoral, unscrupulous SOB in the cowboy hat, who looks like a porcine inbred hillbilly from “Deliverance,” is beyond disgusting. But hey, with so many, countless SOB’s, all panting to make a buck off Cuba’s carcass, what’s one more?

  6. asombra/theCardinal,
    Bob Menendez, Raul Martinez and Co. have gone to great lengths to deny that a President Obama and a Democratic Congress will not lift the embargo and that’s why I posted my comments.
    Unfortunately President Bush lost the opportunity to tighten the embargo even further years ago when he could.
    Had he taken this step I wonder if it would have triggered some uprising in Cuba among the population that could have led to freedom.
    In my view our current President has missed many opportunities in many areas to fix lots of issues and because he has not done so, the consequences are that tomorrow we might wake-up with a new Marxist President that is going to bring great grief and difficult times to this great nation and the rest of the free world.
    Also the people in Cuba have spent nearly 50 under the Castro brothers boot and have gotten so used to living under that boot as they don’t have the will or the courage and most of all, the principles to stand-up to the tyranny for good.
    Instead the people in Cuba have gotten so used to the hand-outs from the Cuban-American community abroad that supports them that they don’t have no incentive to stand-up and fight for their liberty.
    It speaks volumes when thousands leave the island on rafts unafraid to be eaten by sharks in the Florida straits and yet they’re afraid to stand-up against the regime inside the island.
    It pains me to say that in a way the people in Cuba somehow deserve what they have today as they don’t have the courage as the people in Eastern Europe had in the early nineties to get rid of the Communist system.

  7. Cardinal, let’s be fair about this.
    That same “all-or-nothing” tactic you fault supporters of the embargo for having and claim has failed is the same tactic the regime has been using for 50 years. Now it looks like they may end up winning without giving up one iota. So it seems that “all-or-nothing” tactic might prove to be victorious, but only to the Cuban regime.

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