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  1. Nope, we’re gonna stay and give the dems some of their own medicine for the next 4 years. Do to them what they did to us.
    they don’t have us to blame anymore.

  2. Peter,
    Forget Costa Rica!
    The way the American continent is shifting towards socialism, Costa Rica may not be a safe bet. You’ll be better off in any of the former Communist Eastern European countries.

  3. Mike,
    Wishful thinking. The MSM is not going to report negatively on the Obama administration. At any rate we’ll all be mushrooms. Even more so if the Democrats implement the “Fairness Doctrine.”
    I’m afraid we’re in for four years of having to listen to the MSM’s cheerleading of Obama and blaming anything that goes wrong on the Bush administration.

  4. Europe is too cold. At least in Costa Rica or another latin country, it’s their fault, and we don’t have to put up with smirky co-workers.

  5. are you folks that are talking abuot moving to another country in the event of an Obama presidency the same ones who were criticizing dems in 2004 for doing the same thing and even calling them unpatriotic?

  6. Friends, the shit is going to hit the fan between now and the next mid-terms. Without Bush to blame, they’ve got nowhere to hide. As for me, I’m cashing in my 401(k) and putting it somewhere where they can’t put their grubby commie mitts on my money.

  7. The shoe will be on the other foot now, let them see how they like to deal with the screw ups their hero will make and we can make sure they know about it.
    One question, I guess now that he will be the O in Chief, that birth certificate is as good as incinerated?
    I have a pounding headache and no desire to go to work in the morning.

  8. gumercindo- note that we’re just speculating about moving, not making declarations that we are leaving. And, as far as I know, none of us said we’d leave if Obama were elected. Also note, that many here are exiles, forced from a homeland by a dictator, and that many of Obama’s populist soundbites come from the same sources as castro’s. Surely you can understand our unease with that. Unless you’ve lived it, you are in no position to criticize.

  9. Costa Rica! Are you kidding me? Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ticos and their country is beautiful but if you are trying to escape socialism you better try someplace else. Fortunately freedom of expression and education is something that the country still holds in high regard. Costa Rica has the “Canasta Básica” which are price controls on certain food stables (rice, beans, etc), a nationalized petrol, electric and telecommunications industry (and I am sure I am missing some others) and socialized medicine. Go to a public hospital with apendecidis and see if you make it home alive. A good friend of mine didn’t. Spinkle lightly a few lunatic green people, a judical system that takes forever to get anything done and toss in a big heaping load of illegal Nicas and that’s Costa Rica in a nut shell. Again, a beautiful country with wonderful people but not the place to escape socialism.

  10. I’m afraid we’re in for four years of having to listen to the MSM’s cheerleading of Obama and blaming anything that goes wrong on the Bush administration.
    I’m afraid that you’re right unless our enemies do something so terrible to us or around the world and the just elected bullshit artist displays his true Marxist-Anti-American colors by dropping the ball on the response to stand-up against our enemies.
    Then the MSM won’t be able to cover or sweep under the rug what it would be obvious to everyone (just as it happened with Jimmy Carter in the 1970s).

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