That Diabolical Blockade!

“The 26th edition of the Havana trade Fair – November 3 through 8 – welcomes 457 companies representing 56 nations At the present time, Cuba has trade relations with more than 3,000 companies in 176 countries.”
From Granma itself!
“Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage said on the eve of elections in the United States that the world needs a US president who is rational and intelligent, rather than mad. “That can’t be too much to ask,” said Lage,”
Speaking of madness, given the very info in this article, how can any nominally rational and intelligent person claim that Cuba is “blockaded by the U.S” ?!

2 thoughts on “That Diabolical Blockade!”

  1. Oh, I get it. Rational and intelligent like…Fidel, of course. Thanks for pointing that out, Lage (aka “La-gelatina,” in other words, Jell-O).

  2. The only blockade there is the one the C(assholes)astros have on their people for almost 50 years! KEEP THE EMBARGO!

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