Today is the day

Today is the day we show the world how it is done. They can complain about America and they can insult our culture, but few of them would pass up the chance to live in the freest nation in the world.
Today is the day we show the world how a true democracy works. The pundits, the analysts, and the pollsters have all had their say, but all their words and predictions will mean nothing now because it will all come down to the will of the American people. Anything can happen today, and as they say in the NFL, that is why they play the game.
I ask all of you who have not yet voted to exercise your right to do so today. It is a right unmatched anywhere in the world. Do not do it because you feel obligated, but do it because you feel empowered.
As an added bonus, vote today just so you can piss off all those liberal haters that feel you do not have the same constitutional rights they have. They hate to see us at the polls; to them it is like running into their cleaning lady or the guy who mows their lawn at the Polo match. In their minds, you do not belong there. Let’s have some fun today and piss them off.
Today is the day we exercise our rights as Americans; do not allow it to slip by.

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