Cubans live up to promise to never get fooled again

I’ll follow up with the data over the coming days and weeks but it is apparent to me that the Cuban-American community in South Florida is one of the few groups of people that rejected Obama and his Kool-Aid en masse. The first obvious statistic is 3. That’s number of Cuban-American Republican congresspersons being returned to Washington despite huge fund-raising efforts and various strategies and ploys including attempting to “take Cuba off the table“.
Joe the Fro went down. Raul Martinez was totally discredited. And poor Anette Taddeo spent $350,000 of her own money to get mopped up.
Did these dumbass libs think we were going to vote their way when ignorant fucks like Markos Mouliewhateverhisnameis says shit like this. Fuck you Kos and the horse you rode in on.
Yes, it’s a pyrrhic victory since we’re going to have to endure 4 years of President Hopeandchange and at least two more years of Pelosi and Reid. But it’s a victory nonetheless and a vindication against the mainstream media that was so full of shit about this community.

5 thoughts on “Cubans live up to promise to never get fooled again”

  1. Henry,
    You took the words right outta my mouth! F-ck you Kos!
    I think it’s time that the people of America justly retaliate (legally of course, by protests, blogging, lobbying, exposing) on those like Kos and the odious media who created and helped Obama to this infamous victory. We start with the LA times and Newsweek?
    Our nation depends on it, and the memories of all the innocents that have perished and will continue to perish because of Left wing tyrants deserve our actions to vindicate them.
    The battle for Cuba is just starting – we ain’t seen nothing yet!
    God’s speed Babalu Blog and let’s not give up!
    Pa lante!
    mario mandingo

  2. If anyone thinks that we’re going to slink off to a quiet corner to lick our wounds, they don’t know us. We’ve just been handed working papers for the next four years. It is my opinion, that as bad as Obama will be for the US, what his victory harbors for Cuba is worse, much much worse. For all of you who’ve been arguing for an end to the embargo–well, you’re going to get what you want. For all of you who think sitting down and dialoging with castro will bring change, you too are going to get what you want. Change is indeed on its way. No more travel restrictions, end the embargo, normalize relations. Why my head is spinning just thinking about all the changes the regime will allow for the average person with all those dollars. How about if we meet back here in say in two years and celebrate Cuba’s newfound freedom and prosperity. I’ll be the first to raise a glass if it happens, and if not, well then, I will say I told you. Meanwhile, the Cuban people will continue to resolver.

  3. I’ll tell you what’s shocking – L. D-B and Ros-Lehtinen won by the same margin. Her race should not have been that close considering the difference in name recognition, national origin and $$$. Either Martinez underperformed in his race or Ros-Lehtinen did in hers. We need a fresh face and ideas I hope Marco Rubio is not afraid to commit patricide and knock off one his elders. If not I can easily see either Manny Diaz or Alex Penelas posing much more serious challenges to the three Republicans.

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