Huffpo blogger to Obama: It’s OK to stab Cuban-Americans in the back

Sarah Stephens agrees that Obama won without the help of Cuban-Americans. And since we didn’t turnout for him, she argues that he’s under no obligation to live up to campaign promises he made:

In fact, three Miami-area Congressional candidates who agreed with Obama’s minimal reforms on Cuba were all defeated in their campaigns by the Cuban-American Representatives who supported John McCain and President Bush’s hard-line on Cuba.
This disposes of the argument, once and for all, that a presidential candidate couldn’t carry Florida or win the White House unless he bowed to the hard-liners and supported the harshest possible approach to U.S.-Cuba relations…
President-elect Obama, you proved them wrong, and now you have the freedom to make even bigger and better changes in a policy that everyone knows is a failure.
President Bush put cruel restrictions on the rights of Cuban-Americans to visit their families on the island and limits on the financial support they can provide. You have already promised to repeal those restrictions. Now is the time to go further.
Every American should enjoy the constitutional right to travel freely to Cuba.

That was then, this is now I suppose.

4 thoughts on “Huffpo blogger to Obama: It’s OK to stab Cuban-Americans in the back”

  1. Well, I hate it more than words, but every lefty I know despises Cubans. I mean, they hate them so much Clarence Thomas and Dick Cheney would feel bad for them. They feel that since Cuban-Americans are anti-communist, hate that piece of sh*t castro (How anyone can defend this pig is beyond me, but how anyone can love him makes me really question their humanity), and support Republicans, to borrow a quote from Comrade Markos – Screw them.
    In fact, I think Cuban Americans are the only minority that it’s ‘acceptable’ discriminate against and even ‘cooler’ to hate.
    Then again, this just shows how intellectually dishonest much of their disgust about racism is – and every other ism for that matter.
    Well, they may hate you but having grown up smack dab in th emiddle of Miami, I can say our country s infinitely better of b/c of Cuban-Americans. The lefties hate them but everyone else hates lefties – seems fair enough 😉
    The HuffPo can talk all the smack they want, I doubt any Cuban American wanted them as friends anyway.

  2. Bill, thanks for the kind words. Yes, we’ve noted here many times that Cubans seem to be the only ethnic minority in America that it’s OK to pile on. But we’re not alone, religious people, conservatives, etc. share that burden with us.

  3. Seriously, I truly hate liberals because they are absolute hypocrites when it comes to who they deem to be protected classes and who they do not. Basically, blacks, Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, and gays are all deemed to be absolutely sacrosanct groups of people protected by the bounds of political correctness. But Cubans! No way! Basically, Cubans are the only minority that liberals hate. And here is the REAL reason why: Cubans do not play victim and have been successful without whining for affirmative action and welfare handouts like other groups of people in this country. In short, Cubans are one of the only minorities that as a group, with the exception of many different types of Asians, that have come here and worked hard to get up on their own without any help! And liberals hate that because they want people that are victims so they can use them to 1) expand the welfare state and 2) to feel good about themselves. Their fixation with socialism and Castro is a part of this too.
    I also think their is a cultural element to it that has to do with the difference in temperaments. Basically, WASP’s think it is illegal to express emotions while Cubans express their emotions fully and I think the liberal WASP’s get taken aback by our passion. Of course, if a black person expresses anger they seem to have no problem with that and will even bow down to them because they’re so guilt ridden about their past. Hence, Obama’s undeserved victory.
    Anyway, in the book “How to Talk to a Liberal, If You Must,” Ann Coulter has a whole chapter on the Elian Gonsalez case and she discusses how liberals hate Cubans and she even says that if liberals would say about Muslims what they say about Cuban-Americans, it would be considered a hate crime. So true! She gives a good analysis on this if anyone wants to read it.

  4. You need to understand that liberals, by and large, are a collection of mentally deficient personalities who will, to their selfish advantage, eat their own!
    The fact that when they are honest in exposing their true beliefs, they lose the masses. That is why most liberal candidates will, when running in the primaries, take the hardcore left wing position. Then when running in general elections consistently lie and shift to a more centrist position. Just look at Obama as a classic example. He was very astute in standing behind the curtain until McCain took a position, then presented a nuanced version. They always take the pulse, then move with that.
    Simply put, liberals are cowards with virtually no moral compass!!!

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