Jorge Mas Santos continues to discredit himself

Even if you believe the exit polls that indicate that 35% of Cuban-Americans voted for Obama (which I am skeptical of), that means that 2/3 of Cubans feel that CANF was wrong to ostensibly endorse Obama and the three clowns that ran against Mario, Lincoln, and Ileana.
Mas Santos is on TV right now defending himself and repeating his attacks on President Bush.
We can honestly say today that CANF no longer represents the interests or views of the majority of Cuban-Americans.

4 thoughts on “Jorge Mas Santos continues to discredit himself”

  1. I totally agree with you. I thing CANF is joke and dinosaur foundation. It’s self serving and it does’t speak for most Cuban Americans. I’m glad the Diaz-Ballard brothers won!!

  2. Upside down flag is an international sign of distress. The Castro regime set out to infiltrate and destroy CANF after implicating them in financing the hotel bombings in Havana in the 1990s. CANF member Tonin Llamas publicly acknowledged that it was all true and that he contributed $1 million to this effort. The real story will be told someday. CANF has degenerated into a social club presided by Jorgito.

  3. Thanks for sharing that interesting bit of information Concepcion. And I believe it 100%, since the castro regime went all-out to destroy CANF. CANF became the bête noire of castro and the mainstream media, and it wasn’t because CANF was ineffective. When CANF was headed by Jorge Mas Canosa, it was truly a grass roots organization supported by countless members who used to send in their monthly endorsement. I know, I was one who along with my mother used to send in $10 a month. This was at a time when I was still an undergraduate student barely making ends meet. I say this because like me there were thousands of other people who believed in CANF and were proud of CANF’s proactivism. I stayed a member for several years until Mas Canosa died and his son destroyed CANF.
    I was totally disgusted with the way that Jorgito did nothing during Elian. In fact, CANF under Jorgito started the Elian crisis. Jorgito egged castro on by making a poster of Elian when he was rescued and calling it, “one more victim of Castro,” or something like that. Then castro–true to his nature–seized the opportunity and went in for the kill by creating this Elian mess. CANF did nothing. Where were the full page ads in the major newspapers? The commercials? The intelligently organized demonstrations, not the civil disobedience protests where they blocked traffic and infuriated people. Where were the intellectuals that they could have brought together [el exilio is full of famous writers] to speak up for Elian? CANF were totally ineffectual.
    Now, they’ve gone from being totally ineffectual to being counterproductive. Plus, Jorgito sold the Freedom Tower that his father purchased with the hope of creating a Cuban museum and sold it for a profit. How mercenary! Where is his sense of Noblesse obligé? An institution builder he is not. He is more interested in profit than anything else.
    Today, as you point out, CANF no longer represents anyone except Jorgito and his little group. His grassroots support has dried up and he is interested in having the embargo lifted to do business in Cuba no doubt. Monstro de avaricia that he is. Reminds me of the Estefans.

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