Miami Herald now realizes that Cubans are complex human beings

Like everyone else.
The bogus myth of the “generational shift” was predicated on the belief that Cubans are single issue voters and that younger Cuban-Americans don’t care about that issue and therefore aren’t as dumb as their parents and therefore more likely to believe in the soft-sell socialism being peddled by the Democrats.
Of course it’s a lot more complicated than that. People primarily get their political preferences (like their religion) from their parents. Of course people can go their own way based on their experiences but Hispanics tend to rebel less against their parents.
Many Cubans of my generation and younger were brought up to be Republicans not just because of Cuba but because our parents worked hard and succeeded in this country and that success brought about punitive taxation. We were brought up to respect the family, etc.
Are there Cuban-American Democrats? Yes, of course there are. There always have been. Are they greater proportionally today than ever before? The jury is still out on that. The state of Florida only keeps track of ethnicity for registered voters not country of origin. We only have surveys to examine and the surveys I’ve seen show a remarkably steady proportion of Republican party affiliation of between 66% and 69% over the last 15 or so years. A poll by a democrat pollster last year put that number at an even higher 72%.
Did Barack Obama do better among Cuban Americans than John Kerry? The preliminary evidence points to yes. I’ve seen a couple of articles claiming exit polls indicate that Obama carried 35% of the Cuban vote. That’s equivalent to what Bill Clinton got in 1996. I’m not certain that the exit poll figures are weighted to reflect absentee ballots where McCain actually beat Obama in Miami-Dade by a wide margin of 59% to 40%. So best case scenario for the Dems is that Obama got 35% of the Cuban vote but more than likely something south of 30%.
In either case you’d have to look at the extraordinary circumstances of this election with the economic atomic bomb that went off a month before it. How much did that (and not a generational shift) have to do with the Democratic candidate having his best day in our community since 12 years ago?
One thing is certain, Cuban Americans didn’t put Barack Obama over the top in Florida. While the rest of the country lost its mind, Cuban-Americans held steady.