Well, look on the bright side…

At least we know President elect Hopeandchange will fill our gas tanks and pay our mortgages without us having to lift a finger and work. Unless, of course, you make over $120,000 per household per year, then you have to go out and work some more so your increased taxes pay for my gas and my mortgage.
Im really excited about all this. Really. I am.

4 thoughts on “Well, look on the bright side…”

  1. Really? PapaBama will take care of us?
    So, all I have to do is drink the Kool Aid and I don’t have to worry?
    I can quit my job and PapaBama will get Warren Buffett will pay my bills? YAY!
    Good thing in two years we’ll take back Congress.

  2. Val,
    All I have to say is fasten your seatbelt as we’re going to experience the roughest 4 years of a Presidency here in America.
    Get mentally really because is going to get ugly probably sooner than expected.
    No doubt the American people are going to pay for their stupidity big time for electing a Marxist bullshit artist to the White House.

  3. Get ready for another stimulus package and the reintroduction of the Fairness Doctrine. It’s Jimmy Carter all over again.

  4. Believe it or not, the “gas and mortgage” comments of that loony chick interviewed by Channel 6 in Miami made the morning news in Dallas yesterday.

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