When will Cuba have the chance to elect a leader of color?

For the past 50 years, Fidel Castro has accused the United States of America of being a racist country where people of color were disadvantaged. He convinced the vast majority of the Cuban population and the rest of the world that Cuba is a paradise where all its citizens are equal.
The United States of America has just elected a mixed-race President. All of Cuba was watching. All of Cuba was talking about it.
The question I have now:
What will all of Cuba do about it?
If Cuba is in fact a paradise where everyone is treated equally, why have they never been given the opportunity to elect a leader of color?
I pray they ask themselves this question and I hope the answer fills them with the anger and motivation to do something about it. Cambio.

5 thoughts on “When will Cuba have the chance to elect a leader of color?”

  1. Monica….the facts as we all know it is that Black Cubans have always been gave the finger by the castro govt. When reporters in 1960 Cuba asked the pig Che what the Cuban govt. was going to do for Black Cubans….vile che answered…”the same that they gave to the robolution…..NADA!
    The Robolution has been true to that word.
    In other words….a los negros cubanos, las bobolucion de los castro se la han dejado ir sin cebo.

  2. I’m fully aware of the unfortunate realities surrounding Cubans of color. There are plenty of posts in the archives here at Babalu on that topic. I was aiming for a concise post directed at a specific topic — that the results of the US election could be the tipping point for the Cuban population to take greater initiative in their pursuit of liberty.

  3. I know what you were aiming for, Monica. But I couldn’t help noting that the Cuban people have not had the opportunity to vote freely for anyone of any color since the revolution.

  4. The tragedy is that the English Speaking, American black establishment in the USA is ONLY see Cuba as far as they are concerned. They don’t care about black Cubans in Cuba, what they care about is:
    A] That Fidel allegedly did away with apartheid in Batista era Cuba. Yes, they think that Cuba was like South Africa and that Castro gave blacks equality.
    B] That Fidel sent his army to Africa to fight European Colonialism and racism. One day I was talking to a Nigerian and I tried to explain to him why I lived in the USA as an exile, and he looked at me square in the face as if he was going to jump on me and pummel me, and told me, I don’t care!!!!, Fidel has been good to my people! I like him!
    C] They think that Miami Cubans are right-winged racists and therefore only anything that we say is not to be believed.
    If you go to Harlem in NYC, there are many people tabling the streets selling things including pictures of Che and Fidel.

  5. It’s a shame this question isn’t asked more often. It’ll never happen, but the NYT and every other major media outlet needs to publish the same question so the world will wake up to the fact that Castro not only isn’t cool – he’s a monster

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