A Sartorial Irony

I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I read a story oozing admiration for Michelle Obama’s election evening dress. It was scandalous that the Republicans spent $150 thousand on Palin’s wardrobe, because she didn’t own candidate wear, but now it is quite acceptable to drool over a Narciso Rodriguez dress. Oh, and now we find out that BO wears Hart, Schaffner, and Marx. Le double standard, non?
While I’m on the topic, some may remember that Rodriguez was the designer of the wedding dress worn by the ill-fated Carolyn Bessette when she married the similarly ill-fated John F. Kennedy, Jr. What he was thinking of when he designed this one, I don’t know. He probably had an empacho. Here’s a pretty interesting profile of said designer who happens to be of Cuban heritage.
Of course, the Obama’s don’t need anyone to pay for their wardrobes. The way designers work, even they may not have to pony up the bucks. Article about Michelle’s fashion sense here.

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  1. the whole family wearing red and black was kindda creepy and hopefully not prophetic. that whole grant park event had a very creepy ominous feel to it with Mr.O. all alone on the stage telling his adoring followers how “they” were going to change America. i was waiting for a white pigeon to land on his shoulder to tie the sequel to original movie….

  2. Yeah Gusano you’re right. The red and black theme was weird; a real eye-opener. Personally, as a woman (with pretty good fashion sense IMPO – LOL) I thought the dress was horrendous. That plus the fact that, with all the options out there, I don’t like little girls in black dresses. It was really depressing. I thought the whole thing was just very lacking in good taste. I love how they’re comparing her to Jackie O. Now that’s funny.

  3. Definitely an ugly dress. How in the hell did someone talk her into wearing that thing?
    The comments I heard today were split – almost half thought she looked great, the rest were either Republicans or had taste.

  4. The color black is considered the color of mourning in Western and Mediterranean countries. The color red is associated with blood, war and danger. In the 19th century –after the rise of Socialism- it was used to identify the Socialist revolutionary movement. The 26th of July Movement in Cuba used red and black. It appeared on many occasions with the words “Liberty or Death.”
    The color red is also used to indicate love and passion, but I don’t believe that was the message Obama wanted to convey. Perhaps the red/black (red is the republican party color) was meant to indicate the Republican party’s demise.

  5. The symbolism is lost only on the clueless sheeple. Dem color is blue, what’s with the red and black???
    And that is the most hideous dress I have ever seen.

  6. well the designer is Cuban and maybe he did it as a joke to see if they all fell for it….
    Emperor’s Wife’s New Clothes …

  7. is this the best you can do? who cares what she wears or what she spends? she’s not the president. get used to it. she’s going to be around for at least 4 years.

  8. I too almost chocked when I saw the colors. I may be a paranoid Cuban but there is no way that I believe it is coincidence. Michelle is too intelligent for that not to be a message to those who will understand the meaning. Just think of it this way. Who would dress a little girl in all black and the other one in all red unless it is supposed to mean something? I could have believed the all red, but no way a four year old all in black. Let’s not forget these people have to try to satisfy those who gave them all that money (that no one cared to find out where it came from). The ignoramuses that were chanting “yes we can” have no idea what’s going on. Just like some many times in the past. Let’s all keep our eyes open!

  9. I assume, of course, that for all practical purposes, the designer’s Cuban background is largely a technicality (like, say, his height or eye color). I can’t believe Bessette-Kennedy, Mrs. Obama or anyone like them would be caught dead wearing a dress by an even remotely “intransigent” Cuban-American, if you know what I mean.

  10. The colors of the elect First Family were what finally broke the camel’s back at my parents’ house. My mother called me crying when they came on stage. Her words: “Yo lo sabia, son comunistas! Miralos como se vistieron”. I tried calming her down and told her that those two colors together don’t mean that to many people other than Cubans. I asked to please shut the tube off, go to sleep and think happy thoughts.
    Today, she called me and said, “Te lo dije, el vestido se lo diseño un Cubano.” I told her he was born in New Jersey, that he propbably didn’t know the meaning of those two colors as far as Cubans are concerned. She said, “Oh Yeah? You were born in New York, and you know the meaning.”

  11. Maybe she’s a Georgia Bulldog fan? Even more reason to hate her! And they did take a beating from the good guys in orange and blue! LOL
    The dress is hideous. She looked like a clown and it was not flattering of her cow-ish figure (not that there is anything wrong with a cow-ish figure! Just learn how to dress for one).

  12. Lori, I have to agree with your mom. My daughter was born here and she called me right away and said “why are they wearing 26 de Julio colors?” “Mom, they are definately communists!”. Also the designer has Cuban parents, He KNOWS!

  13. Whatever the colors do or don’t mean, it’s totally beyond me why anybody would have dressed that little girl in head-to-toe black. I mean, what is this, the old TV Adams Family?

  14. Wow! this used to actually be a place to come for well informed news and opinions about CUBA!!
    Who gives a shit what these colors mean? Because, seriously, if the Dems are considered BLUE then why is the GOP colored RED RED communist RED?
    Get the hell over it kids. It’s a dress! Like it? Wear it. Don’t like it? Don’t wear it.
    Oh, and Cigar Mike? Screw you for your homophobic remark to Bill above. Do you actually know this “Bill”? No? Well, why the hell would you make a disparaging remark like that to him? Who the hell died and made you King Shit that you feel you could be so offensive?
    I’ll tell you why. Because this blog has become as mean spirited and ridiculous as the Republican party has become under GWB. What has GWB done for us Cubans? Not shit! Because sugar doesn’t put money in his pockets. Obama has only GWB to thank for winning this election. People are tired of his representation of Republicans as smug, white-bread, hate-filled, arrogant assholes. Where’s RONALD REAGAN when we need him?!
    Lastly, as CUBANS, why can we not just be proud and happy for Narciso Rodriguez for achieving a modicum of success? If Cindy Mac had been wearing that dress you’d all be proud and gushing that he is Cuban. C’mon, get a grip people!
    I love Cuba. I love Babalu. I love Cubans. I love being Cuban.
    Hatemongering bullshit be done!! Let’s get back to REAL thoughts of freeing our island.
    I love you all in Babalu-land because deep down we all want the same thing…a free Cuba. If Michelle Obama wears that dress to do slow-dance with the bearded one around Copelia then let’s bitch about it. Till then, who gives a shit, really?

  15. What makes a difference is that the same forces still bashing Palin for her wardrobe are falling all over themselves fawning over Michelle’s coture dress and her “style.” It is not a question of hatred but justice.
    As to Rodriguez, I pointed him out precisely because he is of Cuban heritage, and I thought it was an interesting side story.

  16. The Palin situation is being ridiculed because it was CAMPAIGN money that paid for the exhorbitant bill. I don’t know for sure but i have a feeling Mrs Obama’s dress was paid for by Mrs Obama.

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