Acute Obamalitis

I just recieved the following email, aptly titled “Note from a Bomb Crater,” from our esteemed Professor of Theology at Yale University Carlos Eire:

Dear Val:
I thought I would share two items with you, because they have shaken me to the core.
You are lucky enough to live somewhere with other Cubans, in a large city with lots of diversity. But I live in a bubble, surrounded by leftists, some of them of the rabid sort. Last week, for instance, I had to shout down some colleagues who were criticizing a book on the Gulag as “unbalanced” and overly emotional “commie-bashing” . I told them their views were reprehensible and nauseating and even managed, somehow, to insert the word “bullshit” in my remarks, which will be carefully preserved in the minutes of that meeting. Anyway, in many ways I should thank them all, for it was my constant exposure to their intellectual duplicity and robot-like, unreflective support of Fidel & company that drove me to write Waiting for Snow in Havana. But seeing their behavior over the past 24 hours has tested me to the extreme. As you can imagine, everyone around me is thrilled, fully infected with Acute Obamalitis.
First, there is this item:
Yesterday I went to a lecture on “The Beauty of Jesus”, by Father Gerald O’Collins, a Jesuit Priest who taught at the Gregorian University in Rome for over thirty years, and lived for a while next door to Joseph Ratzinger, the current Pope. It wasn’t much of an academic lecture: it was more like a spiritual meditation on how truth, beauty, and goodness are inseparable from one another, and on how beauty naturally attracts us all. In the question and answer period, some Obamaton in the audience had the audacity to ask the speaker: “Well, what about the beauty of Obama?” Jesus H. whip-wielding Christ, my head and heart nearly exploded. The sheer idolatry of it all, making comparisons between Obama and Christ — and all this at the Catholic chapel at Yale.
This idolater kept going on and on with his “question” (which was not really a question, but a tribute to the new Christ), heaping praise on all of Obama’s wonderful qualities, which have already done so much to heal the world. And you could hear a low hum of approval from many in the lecture hall, accompanied by the nodding of heads. As I restrained myself from retching, a small miracle occurred: the speaker was partly deaf, and didn’t hear all the Obama crap, so instead of answering the Obamaton’s “question” he elaborated on the sheer beauty one can find in the real Christ, and in his suffering. The deaf Jesuit gave the only answer that could be given: the question vanished, as if it hadn’t been asked.
Then, there is this other item: the email my daughter Grace sent yesterday morning, in which she describes what it was like to be in the heart of Obamaland, at Skidmore College. It speaks for itself, especially the last line.

i didnt even watch it when it happened – i didnt know who to call to watch it. i was in a girls room who didnt have it on cause shes in my building but she didnt have the tv on. then when i got a call from a friend and i went to watch mccain talk, then i went to a rally on the green. it was scary. and surreal. i felt so unreal. it felt like a movie. then i someone on the ground crying to his mother in spanish.
dont know exactally why, but i can only imagine it had to do with the election? then i went and watched him give his speech in the student union, Case center. Everyone was cheering and crying and staring in awe and i just wanted to go home, but i also wanted to be where everyone else was. but really i wanted to call dad. i wouldnt know what to say but i really wanted to call him. then i cried to my roommate, who really must think im insane by now. i do not want to sleep. i do not want it to be tomorrow.

So there we are.
I’m taking my cue from the small miracle that took place at the lecture. The idolatry will burn itself out and disappear, just like sound waves in a deaf man’s ear, and so will Obama. Time to trust in God, and to stand firm. Now, more than ever.
Once more, your site is keeping me sane….

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  1. Val, Carlos and all:
    Thank you. This is a matter of much discussion even in the backwood colleges of Oregon.

  2. It’s like I said in the last few days, these folks act as if his sh*t doesn’t stink. He’s just a man, no more, no less. He deserves respect, not worship.

  3. Cooler heads are prevailing in Indonesia, where the Obama message is being dissected
    When Obama lived there from the age of six to ten, he attended Fransiskus Asisi Catholic School in the second grade and then three years in SDN Menteng 01 public school in Jakarta, where school records indicate that his religion was Islam.
    Carlos is very fortunate to be able to speak out from an endowed chair with tenure. Otherwise he would have paid dearly for expressing his own opinion in the hallowed halls of academic ivory towers.

  4. This is indeed a time to return to God. Not to get all religious on anybody (because I’m not like that) but I do urge everyone to pray. The Bible says to pray without ceasing. It also says we have to pray for our leaders. Yes. I know it’s a hard thing, but we must. Now – more than ever.
    The conservative party has to return to God. He is our foundation. No more appeasement; no more denial; no more embarrassment; no more fear. If not, this Country will need a third party! This is why so many of us have become angry, bitter and disillusioned. This is exactly what the enemy wants. We need to remain strong and faithful to our beliefs.
    I urge you all to read this speech that Ronald Reagan gave the CPAC Conference in 1975:
    Thank you Mr. Eire for your post. Godspeed to you.

  5. Time to trust in God, and to stand firm.
    I’d prayed many times that The One would be defeated, but I always added in a not my will, but Thy Will be done. Yes, we need to trust in the Higher Power that all will be well.
    But remember to do what you can, where you’re at, with what you have.

  6. These imbeciles in academia and in every walk of life in the U.S. need to be purged of all their leftists, radical ideals. Perhaps Obama is just the person to do it.
    I believe that things happen for a reason. The “One” doesn’t exist. He’s nothing but a good “creation” of his presidential campaign managers. Believe me, Obama will soon find out that the campaigning Obama will be a hard act to follow.

  7. Thank you for these comments. It makes me sick to my stomach how people are acting like this is a historical moment. To the contrary, it could be the beginning of the end of this country. Obama’s followers are mindless cultists who are lost sheep. They flock to him because they do not have a solid grounding in a real God and so need to create idols out of a man. This man merely represents the ideal of a socialist icon to these people. Left-wing ideology and socialism are their pseudo-religions and Obama has become their quasi-God.
    And another comment: Obama is not even a full black man! He was raised by his white mother, then his white grandparents, and did not even have black friends for most of his life. These idiots that follow him are filled with white guilt and just want to prove that they’re not racist. Nothing more, nothing less. Obama’s victory is a symptom of white guilt. Had he been a white man, or even woman, with his background and lack of experience, he never would have even become a state senator! That is without question! The man is a fraud, false prophet, and I truly believe he may even be the Anti-Christ. The country has lost its mind and is being led over a cliff. May God help us!

  8. Thanks for writing this, Carlos. I am so sorry we missed meeting at the “apostheotic”(according to Ileana) Pedro Pan event of 2004 in NYC. These are going be trying times, we must all stand together and pray God will guide all of us to His will. If it is any comfort: Obama will soon, for the first time in his life probably, be accountable for his actions as President–let’s see how high his popularity holds after a few tough calls. Let us pray Obama will be capable of making good decisions for our country and will not attempt to destroy it from within instead.

  9. Carlos – I am responding to you from LA, where I just received an award as Hispanic Business Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year in the Heavy Industry category. This story is not to brag about that, but to relate a side story at the event. There were over 1,000 people there with constant references to Obama and the “historical” times in which we were living. I ended my acceptance speech by relating my story as a cuban exile and giving my thanks to this country for providing me with liberty and the freedom to succeed in a free market system. I concluded with a “God bless America.” I had a Mr. Vila, cuban-american from LA come up to me after the event and thank me. In his words, he said “thank you – you were the only winner who actually thanked this country for your success – and you made me proud to be cuban-american.” It was worth it just to make that gentleman’s night. I am now convinced, from my observations while at this event, that Texas hispanics are a lot more “patriotic” than California hispanics.

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