8 thoughts on “Amerika, 2008 style”

  1. Ummmm … Earth to teacher, the little girl’s Dad probably would NOT spend another 100 years in Iraq …
    I’m just sayin’.
    THIS is what is wrong with our public school system in this country.
    They want testing for the kids?
    I say test the teachers. EVERYTHING about her side of the debate/conversation was lopsided, inaccurate, weak-kneed, and generally wrong. At one point she actually DID sound like an indoctrinator when she was coaching the African-American student in her Obama answer.

  2. This moron that has a speech impediment has her job guaranteed thanks to the teachers’ union that supports Obama. Such is the sad state of public education in America. That’s why my kid goes to private school. Obama will expand the educational bureaucracy to add other insensitive and untrained fools like this one to the school administration.

  3. Of all the disturbing un-American, leftist horse shit I’ve seen during this campaign, I think this offends me the most. How dare this woman use her position to intimidate these childrn. She should be fired.

  4. My God, is this for real!? I almost cannot believe that this is true! Where did you guys get this and is this actually real!!!? I am in utter disbelief. If this is real, that woman should be fired! What a fucking bitch! She is indoctrinating these children and intimidating the poor child who said she would vote for McCain. She should have her head hung and put on a platter for this! Someone should send this to a major newsnetwork, most likely Fox, and do a segment on it. Contact the teacher too and make her name and the school where she teaches be made public. That way she can get what she deserves!

  5. Can you imagine a teacher doing the opposite thing? Shoving McCain down the kids’ throats?
    Oh no! I don’t want to see the uproar!
    By the way… I would hate my children teacher to talk like she does. I agreen with concepcion …. this woman needs speech therapy.

  6. These are the type of biased elementary teachers that give their incompetent black students passing grades to “help” them. When these students arrive in high school, they can’t compete and drop out, or the play sports, and sympathetic teachers keep promoting them even though they read and comprehend at an elementary level. Those that make it to college on sports scholarships are seriously handicapped educationally. Just check the rate of high school and college drop outs for African Americans and you will see that teachers like this black woman are largely at fault.

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