Change and hope

From Ziva comes this link from a lively thread at The Telegraph UK:

You wanna know what CHANGE means? Is that what you want? For a bunch of people who were so in the tank for this guy, don’t you think that you mighta, shoulda, been thinking about this BEFORE? Why would you be all Gung Ho for change, without knowing what the CHANGE was gonna be? How STUPID are you? Well, since you ARE so stupid, I’LL tell you what CHANGE means. For the Good Guys-(US)-it means we can kiss our money goodbye. It means our beloved MILITARY-( which we built up, from the ground, after 8 years of neglect and abuse from the last Democrat Administration, in to the FINEST MILITARY the world has EVER SEEN)-is about to be DECIMATED once again. For the Bad Guys, it’s a Green Light. And green means GO. GO in to Ukraine. GO take back your ‘Near Abroad’. GO take your JIHAD in to Europe. Who’s gonna stop ya? And as for YOU, the so-called Free World, YOU are on your own. Israel, if you thought you were alone before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. And speaking of ALONE. I wouldn’t wanna be Colombia right now. You know what I mean? So. What do ya think? Do ya get it now? Now, let’s talk about “HOPE”. –Posted by Timothy L. Pennell on November 6, 2008 1:46 PM


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