7 thoughts on “Cubans reject Joe Garcia”

  1. Mr. Gomez: Are you an official unbiased pollster like Sergio Bendixen? No! Bendixen has an exemplary record of accurate statistics and predictions. I don’t believe these numbers that you are projecting here. Joe Garcia is Mr. sensitive curly-headed guy, which is why I donated money to his campaign and voted for him.

  2. Well, get ready for Manny “Elian who?” Garcia to take a shot at Congress. He’s not crudely thuggish like Martinez and, I expect, he’s more clever and sly than Joedilocks. He strikes me as a “zorro” on the level of Bob Menendez, and that’s saying something.

  3. asombra,
    You mean Manny “El Zorro”, “Cubano arrepentido” Diaz, right?
    I’m sure that he’ll be the next one to give it a shot at the Diaz-Balard brothers and suspect that when he does he’ll end up the same way Raul Martinez and Joe Garcia did.
    I meet him once in person during a community event and from his actions in that event I immediately realized that he is no more and no less than a bullshit act.

  4. I wouldn’t call Manny Garcia “arrepentido,” since for that he would have to have been the real deal before. I don’t think he ever was, but that he found it useful to play Mr. Righteous Defender (which is what later got him elected). I think we’re just talking sly opportunist, which is common enough. He’s been dubious for quite some time, but when he endorsed Hillary Clinton (and, by obvious extension, her would-be co-president), that was all I needed to know. No further questions. Case closed.

  5. asombra,
    You’re right, Manny was never the real deal.
    I felt the same way you did the moment I heard that Manny went to support Hillary.
    Then I realized what he was made of.
    After all, with the experience he went through with the Clintons during the Elian’s affair I could not believe he could go and support Hillary.
    No way.
    Tell me about lack of principles.

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