Objective: 2010 – What we can do right now

Ladies and gentlemen, our party, the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan was soundly defeated because our elected representatives in congress and our president abandoned the conservative principals that made our old party truly grand.

We’ve lost the battle but not the war. The time is now to reassess our situation, regroup and marshal our resources. We do not have to wait around for FOUR YEARS to achieve our next victory. We’ve seen this movie before in 1992. Clinton was elected as a “new Democrat” and overreached with attempts to propagate liberal policies. In 1994 Republicans were swept into power in both the House and Senate. Clinton was forced to revert to more centrist (and in some cases conservative) positions. He took the credit for prosperity that followed but that’s OK. The truth is that we prospered and our party was effective as Clinton’s opposition.

The wacky leftists carried a message of “recreate 68” through this election cycle, longing for the some of the darkest years of our nation’s history. Well I’m here to tell you that our goal should be to recreate 94.

So what’s the plan?

First, of all this election cycle isn’t over. Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss will competing in a run-off against Democrat Jim Martin. Chambliss has been a reliable conservative with a composite National Journal score of 83.5. You can donate to the Chambliss campaign here. I don’t have to tell you how important each Senate seat is.

The next thing you can do is visit the American Solutions web site. It’s a conservative think tank headed up by Newt Gingrich. If anyone can lead us out of the wilderness it’s Newt Gingrich. He’s done it before. I urge you to sign up for their mailing list and donate to American solutions.

We need another Republican Contract with America and the architect of the first one is the best candidate to draw up the next one.

Now is the time the wrest the control of GOP from the namby pamby RINOs that have been running it for the last decade. We need a new RNC chairman. Fred Thompson just might be the man for the job.

Among our priorities should be the complete reform of the primary system in our party. We should move toward closed primaries and push states that don’t allow them to the back of the line. We can’t allow our party’s nominees to be picked, even partially, by Democrats and Independents.

In order to regain control of the House of Representatives we’re going to need to pick up about 50 seats in 2010. A tall order to be sure, but we’ve done it before. And here’s the thing, if Barack Obama does what he’d really like to do, our nation’s problems are going to be exacerbated. I’m not hoping for bad news for our country but they are inevitable if he and Pelosi and Reid enact liberal policies. You know as well as I do that big government solutions don’t work.

Mid-term elections have a different dynamic. The turnout is never even close to general elections in presidential years. We can use that to our advantage by mobilizing a large number of conservatives on election day. Almost 57 million people voted for McCain. As Mark Levin said, we can certainly start a movement with 57 million people. Obama and his Hope and Change Musical Review won’t be on the ballot and by that time we will have had two years of experimenting with socialism.

The first seats we need to target are the ones we lost in 2006 which the Dems won by running relatively conservative candidates against big spending Republicans. By 2010 they will have been in office for four years. We’ll run against their party’s liberal stances and they’ll be toast. The other seats we need to target are those held by RINOs. These putzes need to know that we’re not afraid to run conservative Republicans against them. These won’t result in net gains for us but will serve notice that liberals need not apply.

Conservatism is not dead, but the failed strategies of the liberal wing of our party are.

Don’t get mad, people. Get even. And if you can, get the majority.

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6 thoughts on “Objective: 2010 – What we can do right now”

  1. Muy Facil –
    Read,GROK,and apply RULES For RADICALS better than the “other guys.” Alinsky wasn’t Stupid – Merely Incorrect. -S-

  2. Great post, Henry and you’re right. I heard Mark Levin say that last night on his show (I love that guy)! Thanks for the link to the website.

  3. Okay, Shalit, maybe I’m just exhausted from the stress of the last two weeks, but you gotta tell me: what’s GROK?

  4. Geez. I just realized. Stranger in a Strange Land, right? I should reread it. It’s been too many years…

  5. Henry, I agree with everything you wrote but with one slight caveat. I just moved from GA to FL in May. I probably would have voted for Chambliss at the end of the day but would have been holding my nose. Chambliss didn’t cruise into victory because of 2 major issues aside from the flood of new libs voting. 1. He voted for the bailout and Georgians are PISSED. GA is a conservative state. White democrats in Georgia are pretty much DINOs. There are many black Republicans, good conservatives with good principles. He made a lot of people angry. 2. He is one of the original Gang of 10, calling for “compromise” on energy even though the majority of the nation supports energy independence, drilling, et al. The Gang of 10 is a squandered opportunity to do what the people want in a manner that is appealing to conservatives especially.
    Donating to his campaign is a good idea so long as Chambliss promises to get his conservative act together. I contacted him a few times about how angry I was about his Gang and got back answers about the necessity of working with the democrats and other rott. If he is willing to sell out his conservative principles on an issue that he could win, what is to say he won’t sell out to be part of the “In crowd” in Washington? A RINO isn’t much help in the upcoming battle.

  6. You know, Henry … after thinking about it all day I totally concede your point. In fact, I just sent Chambliss a donation and volunteered to head back to GA to work his campaign.
    Thanks for the kick in the ass. Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink into my head but they get in there eventually.

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