Where’s the change?

Is the One who promised change loosing his nerve? Is the momentous responsibility he faces giving him pause? Is he going to walk the walk or was his promise of change all talk?
His initial picks for the transition team are from the Clinton fold. How is that change?
I don’t recall the NYT questioning Mr. Obama’s qualifications for the job during the campaign, and now that Obama is scrambling to put together a team that actually knows what its doing the Times still isn’t pointing out the obvious truth to the American people. Obama has no executive experience. Why can’t they say that?
Instead we get this pandering byline:
President-elect weighing his pledge to change politics versus need for expertise in choosing transition team”
Poor Obama, what’s a president-elect to do?

“They’re torn,” a prominent Democrat close to the campaign said of Obama’s team. “There’s half of them that think, ‘We’re in the midst of a huge economic crisis; let’s get the most experienced people out there.’ The other half think, ‘Hey, we’re the change candidate.’ “

My favorite:

“As he looks to build a presidency from scratch, Obama knows he needs at least some of the expertise of the Clinton circles, advisers said. Most telling was his decision even before the election to tap Podesta, founder and president of the Center for American Progress, a Washington group considered Hillary Clinton’s government-in-waiting until she lost.”

So why didn’t they just elect Clinton?

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  1. That might have been even worse for us. She’d have the gravitas and be very dangerous.
    But I see your point.

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