Much Grass

Just a quick note to thank those that answered the call for Babalu help yesterday and donated a few bucks. Your donations and support are greatly, greatly appreciated. Muchas Gracias. You all are the best.
With the exception of a few drives for charity or for the Cuba Nostalgia Conventions, we’ve never had the donations button permanently placed on the blog, but, as you can see at the top of the sidebar, it is there now.
Personally, I hate seeing it there and hate even more that Ive had to place it there. But like I stated yesterday, times are tough in Babalu Land, folks. And as the old cliche goes: desperate times call for desperate measures.
Much grass to those that have already dropped a few dollars in the till and I hope that others that come by here every so often consider a small donation for the cause.
Los quiero y me quedo en chor.

4 thoughts on “Much Grass”

  1. Didn’t get a chance to do it until this morning. This is the type of “spread the wealth” that I can agree with. It is MY choice, not a government mandate. Val the work that you do on this blog, as well as of all the contributors, is greatly appreciated. Glad I could help.

  2. Val,
    You sound much like Dean when he had to do the same thing. He got over it, and so will you.
    Unfortunately, when a blog reaches a specific level, and given today’s economy, fundraising is needed.

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