“What will you black conservatives tell your grandchildren?”

Baldilocks answers the question in her usual superb manner:

When a voter picks a candidate to serve in an office, that voter is essentially saying “Of all the choices available, I think that this person will do a better job in that office that all of the other available candidates.” In this case we are, of course, talking about the office of President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces. We are talking about a person whose job it is to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, the American land and the American people.
In order to make that decision the American voters need information and during the campaign season we are presented with information designed to allow the voters to make an informed decision as to which of the candidates will be the most competent in fulfilling the objective particulars of that office. By November 4th, we are supposed to come to a conclusion about this matter and record that conclusion in the voting booth.
I concluded that the things which I know about Barack Obama which are relevant to his possible abilities to adequately support and defend the U.S. Constitution, the American land and the American people —his political background, his expressed political/social ideas and his overall judgment were either of lower quality than John McCain’s or that those things would be overtly detrimental to the well-being of this nation. I also concluded that either man’s ethnicity/race/color was insignificant factor in making a judgment as who was able to better serve this nation and, therefore, was irrelevant to making that decision.
I made my decision by making judgments about the following:

  • Barack Obama’s decisions about the Surge conducted in Iraq
  • His words regarding the success of that Surge
  • His words about the US Constitution in 2001
  • His words to Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.
  • His voting record in the Illinois Senate
  • His voting record in the US Senate
  • His words about his association with domestic terrorist William Ayers
  • His adherence to Black Liberation Theology as formulated by James Cone and as articulated by Jeremiah Wright, Emeritus pastor of Trinity United Church of “Christ”
  • His claim to not know the nature of Wright’s theological stance and to not have heard the latter’s more incendiary sermons after sitting in the pews of Wright’s church for twenty years.
  • His stance on abortion and on the “Born Alive” provision in Illinois law.
  • His stated intention to conduct presidential-level negotiations with rogue heads of state
  • His promise to accept public funding for his campaign

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  1. The question is, what will you Black liberals tell your grandchildren when they ask ” How could you vote for that man based solely on his race? Didn’t you try to find a better man to be first?”

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