EU Conference on Cuba Upcoming

As far as I can see, this one has gotten little attention anywhere. The Czech Republic and the European Commission have announced that they will be holding a conference on the situation in Cuba during the first half of 2009. The role of the Czech Republic as president of the EU is reassuring. They were against the lifting of sanctions by the EU at first and only acquiesced when promised an annual review of the human rights situation. They promise to make human rights a focus. We’ll watch and wait, although quite a few of the 75(6) whose plight elicited the sanctions remain in prison.

3 thoughts on “EU Conference on Cuba Upcoming”

  1. This is good news… hopefully something good will come out of it… I wonder what will Spain’s position be.

  2. The Position of “La Madre Patria” will be, at best, soft neutrality under PM Zapatero. The Czech Republic is another thing entirely – the Czechs have been sold out TWICE. Ellos NO quieren el tercero.

  3. The Czechs are a pillar of human decency in the heart of the EU monstrosity. I wish them the best of luck but can’t say I’ll be holding my breath.

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