Obama’s victory was made possible by Chavez

I am sure that for most Americans who voted for Obama on November 4th, Hugo Chavez was the last thing on their mind. But it seems the power of suggestion was lost among these voters who according to Chavez’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, were inspired to cast their votes for Obama by the wonders and advances of Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship.

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs – Communiqué
(Unofficial Translation).-
In this day of hope for the American people, President Hugo Chávez, on behalf of the people of Venezuela, congratulates the people of the United States and President-elect Barack Obama for his important victory in an election that has captured the attention of international public opinion.
This historic election of an African American to lead the most powerful country in the world is a sign that the change of era which has taken root in South America could be reaching the doorstep of the United States.[emphasis mine] From the homeland of Simón Bolívar, we are convinced the time has come to establish new relations between our countries and in our region, based on the principles of respect for sovereignty, equality and true cooperation.
From every corner of the world cries have rung out calling for change in international relations and the construction, as the Liberator Simón Bolívar would have said, of a world of balance, peace and of human coexistence.
The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reaffirms its will and determination to build a constructive bilateral agenda, founded upon the absolute respect of sovereignty, for the well-being of the peoples of Venezuela and the United States.
Caracas, November 5, 2008

I cannot necessarily blame Chavez for wanting to take credit for Obama’s presidential election victory. From promising to redistribute the wealth, to organizing a Civilian National Security Force, Obama’s policies do not sound all that different from the policies forced upon the Venezuelan people by their populist leader. To most Americans who voted for Obama, however, the similarities are lost upon them.
Nevertheless, it seems that Chavez has been heartened by the victory of The Black Man, and in Barack, he has found a comrade in arms.

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  1. I’m waiting for the ‘Summit of anti-US, Marxist inspired Scumbags’ in Latin America. Chavez (Venezuela), Morales (Bolivia), Correa (Ecuador), Castro (Cuba), Ortega (Nicaragua), Lugo (Paraguay) all fetted by ‘The Father’ who will apologize for our policies and then proceed to give them all the moral and financial support they need to keep their ‘socially conscious’ movements alive. It’s a sick, sad day for the people of this hemisphere.

  2. It seems in addition, that the whole U.S. has become part of a vastly expanded Chicago “Political Machine” according to some the Franken (stein) senate election is being stolen with spurious votes right now
    ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO ME is Hurricane Paloma which looks as if it is going to hit old Oriente Province with maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour
    if those dams on the northern slopes of the Sierra Maestra rupture, for they have been sorely tried recently, the waters will flood the Cauto Plains and could even cause massive flooding of Bayamo,
    A bad season indeed

  3. Chavez and his policies have not been forced upon anyone. You, yourself have written, ‘popular leader.’ He has been elected each time overwhelmingly and when the rabid right wing attempted a coup, the people took to the streets to re-instate him.
    Obama is far from being a socialist, he is merely a pawn of the ruling class to placate the masses after the debacle of 8 years of the Bush administration.
    Viva la Revolucion!

  4. Seancito, other than his first “election” as president, I would not be touting Chavez’s re-elections if I were you, unless, of course, you want to count as his supporters the Colombians that voted and the thousands of voters named “Jose Suarez” that all voted on the same day in the same town. This is just a couple of examples of the voter fraud perpetrated by Chavez that has been well documented.
    And I never said he was a “popular” leader, I said he was a populist leader. Similar looking word, but completely different meaning. Read a little slower next time.
    As far as Obama being a pawn, I agree he is a pawn, but of much more nefarious characters than the “ruling class,” as you put it. And after seeing your closing statement, you yourself should know firsthand what being a pawn is all about.

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