Hurricane Paloma Strikes Cuba

Image courtesy of NOAA
Hurricane Paloma made landfall last night near Santa Cruz Del Sur, Cuba as a Category 3 hurricane. So far, media reports don’t indicate massive destruction on the scale of Gustav and Ike, but it’s still early and no doubt that areas along the southern coast of Camaguey and Las Tunas provinces got hammered last night. Let’s hope and pray that Cubans won’t go through the misery that they’ve already had to endure the past 2 months.
Some good news: Paloma is falling apart right over Camaguey, so it looks like the worst is over as far as the storm is concerned.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Paloma Strikes Cuba”

  1. back in november 9th, 1932, a hurricane deleted
    santa cruz del sur from the cuba map…the whole
    place was gone and more than 3k people lost their
    lives, among them my dad and oldest brother plus
    most of the crew of the “Nueva Concha”. a goleta
    my dad owned, registered in cienfuegos, LV my
    hometown….the only survivor of a crew of 9
    was my uncle…so it goes without saying that
    nature and some women are very capricious
    Playa Rancho Luna

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