El coma andante

Check out what death warmed over looks like:
That picture comes courtesy of this Russian web site from a report dated October 20, 2008.
Notice that he has to grab on to the Orthodox priest’s arm to keep from falling and his gaze is in outer space.
This is the second major church to give the regime it’s figurative and literal blessing this year. Makes one want to become an atheist.
H/T: De la Cova

9 thoughts on “El coma andante”

  1. Sure it’s not photoshopped? It looks like two different backgrounds and lighting. Or maybe I just don’t trust anything when it comes to el uno coma andante.

  2. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. While I believe this superior from the Russian orthodox church would willingly be a propaganda tool for the regime I doubt he’d participate in a con.
    The answer is simple. He’s alive, but barely.

  3. Firefly,
    “Bola de Churre” had to send the Adidas track suit to the cleaners because those around him could no longer stand his stink.

  4. This is the worst punishment for a micro-manager and control freak dictator. For more than two years now, he can’t control his bodily functions or his mind, much less totally control his slave plantation like he used to. He must feel very frustrated and incompetent while knowingly wasting away.

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