Obama plans new court system

Do the words, “new court system,” and “administer justice” strike fear in your heart as they do mine? It’s all part of Obama’s plan for dealing with the Guantanamo detainees. No details yet, but this is what gave me pause:

“There would be concern about establishing a completely new system,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., a member of the House Judiciary Committee and former federal prosecutor who is aware of the discussions in the Obama camp. “And in the sense that establishing a regimen of detention that includes American citizens and foreign nationals that takes place on U.S. soil and departs from the criminal justice system — trying to establish that would be very difficult.”
Obama has said the civilian and military court-martial systems provide “a framework for dealing with the terrorists,” and Tribe said the administration would look to those venues before creating a new legal system. But discussions of what a new system would look like have already started.
“It would have to be some sort of hybrid that involves military commissions that actually administer justice rather than just serve as kangaroo courts,” Tribe said. “It will have to both be and appear to be fundamentally fair in light of the circumstances. I think people are going to give an Obama administration the benefit of the doubt in that regard.”

What do you think, should “the people” give Obama the benefit of doubt?
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3 thoughts on “Obama plans new court system”

  1. These entities (I hesitate to even dignify them as “courts”) will be the worst of all possible worlds: an invitation to both excessive due process for terrorists, and to removing citizens from the procedural safeguards of the ordinary courts. And they are undoubtedly Larry Tribe’s practical audition for the Supreme Court. Fuck this shit: no Obama Star Chmber, ever.

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