7 thoughts on “Obamas Announce Selection of New White House Puppy”

  1. cojone! que feo! pobrecito(a), it didn’t ask to be born this way. 🙁
    Funny thing about Lenin is that he kinda did look like that before kicked the bucket.

  2. What an appropriate name, one of Barry’s heroes!!!
    The sight of him infecting the Oval Office makes me sick to my stomach, esp. on a day when we honor the USMC’s birth!!!
    This interloping, socialist will NEVER be my President or CIC…he is the political equivalent of Petain leading France under Vichy, for me.

  3. Excellent choice: a wonderful representative for the aesthetically challenged. But was he cleared for methane emissions? Also: he looks a lot like Raul, not very cleverly disguised. Even Che had a better disguise when he took off for Bolivia.

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