They are just words… stop worrying

“President-Elect Obama is prepared to TAKE POWER, and begin to RULE from day one.”

I know, I know, all of us here are way too sensitive when it comes to Obama. We really should not be taking everything he and his mouthpieces say so literally. These are just words–nothing more. We really need to stop assuming every word and every phrase they say means anything. Just forget it, move along.
We need to embrace the Obamania and rejoice in the dawning of the age of Obaquarius. The last thing we want is for anyone to accuse us of actually paying attention to what Obama and his people are saying.

3 thoughts on “They are just words… stop worrying”

  1. If one goes to Wikipedia Cuba page discussion
    under the present last topic:
    “”whatever his official titles””
    you will see how in possible preparation for recognition of the Castro government, the usual idiots are trying to deny Castro is a dictator.
    El Jigue is trying to hold the line; however the usual procedure there is to ban such. So I doubt this section will stay as is for very long/

  2. What’s up with all the negativity, Bill? Your candidate did win, didn’t he? Come on, dude, we’re all one big happy family now. Be happy, the era of Bush is over and a new dawn approaches.
    You know what they say, a family that is ruled together, stays together.

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