5 thoughts on “What’s next? Mandatory posters in each cubicle?”

  1. I beat you to it in my post, but it is silly
    But I support a national holiday for him.
    National Schmuck Day where we celebrate the biggest schmucks in US History.
    But how perverse for anyone to think this Putz should have a national holiday …
    when there are folks who were more deserving:
    1. John Adams
    2. Thomas Jefferson
    3. James Madison
    just to name a few. Without the 1st two, we’d never had a Declaration of Independence and without the third, we’d never have a Constitution.

  2. Obama cake huh? What the hell is that? If it’s chocolate, would that be considered racist? I can think of various designs for the cake but I’ll keep them to myself. Oy vay. These people need to get a life!

  3. Folks, “Yes We Can” is the literacy/indoctrination campaign administered by the Cuban Government throughout Latin America, I believe it’s “Yo Si Puedo”….what a friggin coincidence…or is it…

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